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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Women of Color Are Ready to Lead More Organizations

Della Mack, author of Confident is She

Della Mack, author of Confident is SHE

Nationwide — Women of color in leadership roles often ask for support on how to be successful in the work environment and haven’t always found the answer. Della Mack is not only rooting for women to stand tall in their power and professionally exude their feminine energy in the work place, she also provides the blueprint to make this happen. Her new book, Confident is SHE, provides insight on how this is possible.

Confident is SHE provides practical tools that will help professional women of color find direction and stay on course to maximize their abilities. Della Mack is bridging the gap in this how-to guide for leadership development with premier insight to tackle obstacles faced by women who are brown, black, and tan in the work environment.

Della uses her own experiences to express the importance of building a professional relationship with your peers, being empowered to make decisions that will improve your leadership skills, and much more. The road for successful leaders is not always straight nor is it perfect, but Confident is SHE will help women of color steer down the right path and conquer workplace dilemmas with poise.


About Della Mack
Della Mack is the CEO of Mack’s Perspective, LLC, an online consulting company helping entry to mid-level women smoothly transition into their career position and lead with an impact. She focuses on providing support in 3 core areas: leadership training, career progression, and career transitioning. As an active duty officer in the Army, Della became passionate about leadership development and effective goal-setting implementation for women leaders. Learn more about Mack’s Perspective at www.macksperspective.com


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