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Monday, March 13, 2017

One of a Kind Children’s Adventure Book Series Helps Black Youth Understand Their Unique Roots

Quineka Ragsdale, author of the Demarcus Jones Book series

Quineka Ragsdale, author of the Demarcus Jones book series

Nationwide — Haunted by headlines of slavery, Black on Black crime, and recent police shootings, the Demarcus Jones adventure book series is a breath of fresh air for Black youth. Layered with stories of ancient African civilizations and diaspora world contributions, this book series delivers the rich history that today’s youth deserve to know.

The series follows the main character, Demarcus Jones, as he uses an ancient Solar Calendar to watch events that have occurred around the world throughout time. In subsequent titles, Demarcus is joined with supporting characters to which Demarcus must determine if they are allies or enemies. The books delve deeper to explain the current plight of African Americans and events that have led to their current conditions.

The series includes three books which include facts such as:
* Black Wallstreet
* Pre-Columbian Black America
* Zumbi of Palmares
* American Civil War
* The Partition of Africa
* The Arab Slave Trade
* Marcus Garvey

Author Quineka Ragsdale began the book series when she realized, long after traditional schooling, that there was so much about history that she did not know. She did not want this to be the case for her children or others.

“It’s important for children to learn our history unapologetically. We’ve done some truly amazing things that even in 2017 are still being ignored,” she said. Ragsdale’s goal with the series is to spark interests in children (and adults) in areas such as reading, social issues, and history. The entire book series will be accompanied by audio books and the 4th book in the series is scheduled to be released later this year.

For more information or to purchase the Demarcus Jones series, visit www.demarcusjones.com. To contact author Quineka Ragsdale, email quineka@demarcusjones.com