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Monday, October 30, 2017

Detroit Businessman Releases Book With Strategies to Help Others Escape a Life of Poverty, Just As He Did

Demetrius Sandridge, author of Breaking the Chains of Poverty

Demetrius Sandridge, author of Breaking the Chains of Poverty

Detroit, MI — Ronald L. Godbee, Sr. calls it, “the book that will liberate you and activate you to live from the position that Christ established for you on the cross.”

While many are satisfied with the mundane day-to-day ins and outs of life, author Demetrius Sandridge argues that the quality of one’s life not only depends on what is in his or her hands – but in one’s mind. In this candid debut book, Breaking the Chains of Poverty: The Secret to Having a Wealthy, Healthy and Wholesome Life, Sandridge chronicles his story from rags to riches – in both mindset and money. All are cordially invited to the official book launch on Saturday, November 11 from 3 to 6 p.m. at the 1917 American Bistro, 19416 Livernois Ave. in Detroit.

In the book, Sandridge challenges readers belief systems that dictate that the difference between poverty and wealth is defined by the type of car one drives, the size of the house one lives in, or the amount of money in one’s bank account. Regardless of race, socio-economic status, education, zip code or upbringing, he argues that if and when we simply maximize opportunities that are set before us – we all have the potential to live a life of wealth and wholeness.

Attendees at the book launch will enjoy live entertainment by local artists, such as soulful saxophonist, Lord Yancyy, as well as giveaways and surprises throughout the afternoon. Led by Master of Ceremony, Ralph Godbee, former Detroit Police Department Chief, other special guests include Bishop Edgar Vann, Pastor Ronald Godbee, Sr., and Apostle Jeremy Scott – who will offer words of wisdom and encouragement.

Bishop Edgar Vann calls it, “…a fundamental treatise that empowers the reader to understand that though life, at times, may seem intractable and untenable, it can also be liberating and instructive.”

For more information or interviews, visit www.dsandridge.com or call 248-476-4317.


Demetrius Sandridge

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