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Monday, April 4, 2022

Black Entrepreneur Turned Wellness Specialist Launches Program to Help Individuals Reduce Stress

Denecia Jones, founder of Balance Within Coaching

Nationwide — Certified Executive Trainer Denecia Jones is helping entrepreneurs and professionals achieve the ideal work-life balance through her life-changing Balance Within Coaching four-tier coaching program that allows participants to identify root causes of stressors and create healthy solutions. Through the four steps of Self Discovery, Confidence and Communication, Propel North, and Dream Warrior, individuals will undertake a holistic journey of self-discovery, ultimately creating healthy habits that will benefit both their personal and professional lives.

The 90-day program consists of practical, easy-to-understand modules coupled with once-a-month Facebook live classes. The program is comprehensive and primarily focuses on harnessing the power of energies and spirituality to attain inner peace, better stress management, and fix relationships. Participants will have the added benefit of having one-year access to the program’s resources after completing their ninety days.

Founded by Pepperdine University Alum Denecia Jones, Balance Within Coaching solves the rising number of stress-related deaths she witnessed among young people. In her two-decade-long sojourn as an entrepreneur in healthcare, Jones recognizes that people increasingly place little emphasis on mental and physical health. Realizing that clients in their 30s were dying from ailments such as heart attacks and strokes, she decided to create a program to combat what she refers to as “the endemic of unhealthy, unhappy, and stuck people.”

According to Center of Disease Control (CDC), nearly 48% of African American women and 44% of African American men have some form of heart disease. The rate of heart disease is also higher in the growing middle and upper-class African American community than in white Americans with comparable socioeconomic status. The Wellness Specialist has made it her duty to unlock the secrets of true success, health, and happiness as well as disperse them to those in need.

Balance Within Coaching also holds the enviable title of the first African American woman-owned business that offers individuals a product that effortlessly marries business and wellness techniques. The result is a cataclysmic shift that fosters positive results in clients’ mental, physical, and emotional health.

The entire program is focused on empowering professionals to propel their success while equally maintaining happy lives. Jones believes that people should never have to choose between success and health and happiness. Through Balance Within, Denecia arms individuals with the necessary tools so they won’t ever have to.

Registration for the program is now open. To learn more, about Denecia’s one-on-one and group, “Balance Within” and “Ask Denecia” coaching programs visit DeneciaJones.com or call or text 855-952-6224.

To learn more about her corporate services, Jadestone Solutions, visit JadestoneSolutions.com