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Friday, May 10, 2024

Meet the Black Mom Who Works With Her Two Daughters as Flight Attendants

Denise, Charnel, and Chantel, Black mom and daughters

Nationwide — Denise Campbell and her two daughters, Chantel and Charnel, are all seasoned Southwest Airlines flight attendants with over 30 years of combined experience. Recently, they had the chance to work together on a flight.

Denise, who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, had dreamed of becoming a flight attendant since high school, but she waited until her daughters were older before starting to fulfill it in 2007.

Now a seasoned flight attendant with 17 years of experience, Denise inspired her daughters to join the airline industry. Their journey together began 7 years ago since all 3 were in the same customer service and support class before becoming flight attendants.

“It does give you a sense of pride. You think about when you were younger and what you thought they were going to do and no they do the same as you,” Denise told WLBT.

While they’ve been in the same line of work for seven years, they’ve only had the chance to fly together three times.

Their first flight together was in St. Louis on New Year’s Eve, marking their first year in their new career. Since then, they’ve synchronized schedules for special occasions like Christmas and New Year’s, ensuring they’re not entirely apart during the holidays.

“You’re away from your family, but when you fly with your family it makes it easier being away from home and kids,” Charnel said.

Their most recent flight together took them to New Orleans, where they enjoyed exploring Bourbon Street and indulging their foodie passions between flights.

What’s more, their bond strengthens and it makes a positive impression on their passengers as well.

“It’s so much fun; it’s not work when you’re working with family,” Chantel said. “We have a great time, and we get to go out and explore new cities together.”