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Friday, April 23, 2021

60-Year Old Entrepreneur Launches Online Marketplace For Black-Owned Businesses

Denise Harris, founder and CEO of ExcaliburXYZ

Louisville, KY — As the corporate conversation around representation and diversity reaches stratospheric levels, businesswoman Denise Harris has launched a new platform called MyExcaliburxyz where Black-owned business can display their products and create accessibility for all. Although she is 60-years old, she is no stranger to creating tech solutions.

Inspired by the first self-made millionaire and entrepreneur, Madam C.J. Walker, Harris wants to extend the Black community further to showcase all that is offered. On a mission to assist Black-owned businesses and help them receive the same recognition as their counterparts, MyExcaliburxyz works to collectively display items created by Black owners.

“I want companies, families, and organizations to thrive in our community,” says Harris. In an effort to mainstream that goal, Harris curated a platform to support black-owned businesses not only in Kentucky but all around the country. Her priority is to elevate the presence and positioning of black owners and their fantastic innovations, companies, and brands, as well as provide incredible job opportunities for everyone interested.

With the amount of limitless talent and ability that black men and women have to offer, Denise created this site to focus on support, education, and growth to continue the movement of circulating the Black dollar back into the community. By publishing and promoting these businesses, customers can trust that the collection of companies chosen are those of high caliber and work extremely hard to be great at what they do. In MyExcaliburxyz, owners can list their businesses, services, and products to gain the proper exposure they deserve through this multilayered platform. Through intention, it was imperative for Harris to create an online world to promote inclusivity and normalize business owners of color.

By strengthening the companies in the black community, she strives to strengthen our futures in the process. Launching April 20th, 2021, this service will act as a space for people to discover their new favorite products, decor, clothing, and so much more. Harris strongly believes that together we can expand Black communities’ economic power and regain the momentum to make a change in powerful ways.

She remains committed and passionate about building a bridge between business resources and consumers for people of color around the country. By laying a strong foundation down, it’s her mission to continue to shed light on businesses that work hard and can make a difference.

Follow her movement and be the impact that supports and drives us in the direction needed right now more than ever.

Learn more about the web site at MyExcaliburXYZ.com

For press inquiries, contact Denise Harris at maria61_us@yahoo.com or 618-472-4602.