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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Newly Elected Chairman of Stillman College, Dennis Driver, Serves as Grand Marshall at Homecoming Parade

— Driver kicked off his tenure at the Historically Black College with a gift awarded to Stillman anonymously for $2 million. —

Dennis Driver, Stillman College

Dennis Driver, Chairman at Stillman College

Tuscaloosa, AL — Stillman Chairman Dennis Driver will serve as Grand Marshall for Stillman’s Homecoming Parade on Saturday, Nov 8, 2014 at 9 a.m. in downtown Tuscaloosa. Following the parade a Football Game is scheduled at 1p.m., Stillman’s Tiger Stadium. The week long activities will end with The Thomas E. Lyle Battle of the Bands 4:30 p.m. at Stillman’s Stadium.

Chairman Driver said he is humbled by his recent selection and motivated by the generous gift, “Stillman College played a significant role not only in my life, but in those who entered its hallowed halls of learning with quill and paper to today’s students whose daily use of technology has elevated their Stillman experience into a global journey.”

“This gift will allow us to make a significant impact on our financial responsibilities and provide increased opportunities for our students. Our ability to do this supports the Stillman mission of providing an enriching educational environment for our current and future students. We hope that this donation will serve as an incentive for our alumni and the community to support Stillman at an unprecedented level,” said school president Peter Edmund Millet.

As the new Chairman of the Board, Driver intends to reach out to alumni all over the world and implore them to give back to the college and provide support to students, many of which are first generation college students, in an effort to keep Stillman’s legacy strong and uplifting.

There’s an old saying, ‘never forget where you came from.’ Many people dream of coming home after leaving the nest, gaining experience, and using their newfound skills to improve conditions of where they started. Dennis O. Driver, has not only done well for himself, highly educated and well-disciplined, but he has come home to Alabama to bring his wealth of knowledge, life experience and financial resources to Stillman College; and he is a proud alumni of the 138-year old Historically Black College.

For more information regarding Stillman’s Homecoming activities contact (205) 349-4240 or visit www.stillman.edu

Cheryl Brownlee
CB Communications