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Monday, April 24, 2023

Black Newspaper in Denver Launches Podcast Network to Expand the Narrative With the BIPOC Voice in Colorado

Brittany Winkfield

NationwideDenver Urban Spectrum (DUS) has launched a podcast network to share the voice of BIPOC Coloradoans through critical conversations on social justice, politics, lifestyle, and more. Expanding the Narrative (ETN) Network is being hosted by Britanny Winkfield and can be heard on smartphones, tablets and computers starting at the end of April, as DUS celebrates 36 years of spreading the news about people of color in Colorado and beyond with an award-winning print and digital publication.

Podcasting has become an essential part of the digital media landscape, and ETN is the first network specifically built to showcase BIPOC podcasters in Colorado. “We believe that by joining forces with local podcast creators and providing a platform to amplify these experiences in one place, we can shape how we understand and address systemic issues of race, justice, and equity,” said DUS Associate Publisher, who is also the podcast network manager.

“The vision for ETN is to expand the narrative beyond the pages of this legacy publication and empower emerging and established talent. We want to form legacy partnerships that build generational wealth while allowing each creative to have an equitable stake in their future,” Winkfield added.

ETN Network is being designed as an innovative digital newsroom, with episodic content available across several major streaming platforms in the form of audio podcasts. While the mainstream media narrowly focuses on problems in the Black community, the new network’s growing team of established and new podcasters focuses on actionable information to improve the health, wealth, and outcomes of BIPOC communities.

A few of the first podcast creators and hosts on ETN include:

• The Colorado Dream by Stephanie Daniel explores stories of Coloradans who are overcoming obstacles in an effort to achieve the American Dream.

• The Investor Show by Prince Dykes is a financial literacy and commentary show.

• Pearls of Wellness by Deidre Johnson with The Center for African American Health offers responsive resources in overcoming the root causes of health problems.

• Destination Freedom Black Radio Days by donnie betts illuminates the history of human rights and dramatizes the lives of great figures in African-American.

• High Performance at Noon by Jice Johnson is a call for high-performance entrepreneurs and professionals.

• Unboxed2Lead by Robert Davis is designed to help high-level leaders become authentic, calmer, and less anxious leaders who create healthy workplace cultures.

• Greatness Ignited by Barry Overton interviews men and women who are living in their greatness by honing their gifts and talents to live the best version of their life.

• Release & Rediscover by Topazz McBride is a show to awaken the hidden giants and hidden phenomena in all of us.

• Blackflix Podcast by Jonathan McMillan discuss classic to contemporary “Black” movies and what makes them Black…or not.

Winkfield explained, “Our voices are powerful. We have the ability to share stories, create conversations, and uplift the voices that have been suppressed. Most podcasts fail due to lack of promotion and engagement. Having a monetization plan is also important for the longevity of any podcast. That is where the ETN Network comes in to develop a strong marketing strategy to reach targeted audiences. Additionally, this curation of podcast creators explores different topics and formats in order to keep listeners engaged.”

The creation of ETN Network will also provide new opportunities for DUS advertising partners, who can maximize their reach through programs featuring news, culture, business, youth, wellness, and more.

“The way in which content is presented on a podcast can make all the difference in how we live our lives. We have the opportunity to educate and inspire, to challenge and transform and we invite you to join us on this journey,” said the associate publisher.

For more information and how to listen, visit www.dusetnnetwork.net

For press inquiries, contact brittany@urbanspectrum.net