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Friday, June 28, 2019

Young Siblings Sharing Emotional Moment at Kindergarten Graduation Warms Our Hearts

Derek and Charlee Smith hug during Kindergarten graduation

Derek Smith embraces his little sister, Charlee, at her Pre-K graduation

Fairfield County, CT — A photo showing a young boy embracing his little sister at a graduation has been recently making rounds on social media. The siblings’ parents, Aundrea and Matthew Smith, took the photo of the emotional moment and posted it, receiving lots of positive comments.

Aundrea said her 8-year old son Derek congratulated his little sister Charlee, who was 5-years old, after her Pre-K graduation.

Derek then hugged her and told her, “I’m just so proud of you.” That’s when Charlee started crying.

When their father asked why she was crying, she lovingly said, “I’m just so happy. We are so blessed.”

Aundrea said the two siblings really have a great relationship. “They definitely have their moments when they get on each other’s nerves. But he (Derek) works really hard to be a good brother… always looking out for her,” she told CNN.

The post has received more than 23,000 likes within a week. A lot have been commenting and tagging others as the post asked for people to “tag someone who is a blessing in your life.”