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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Meet the Black Entrepreneur Teaching Children How to Invest and Manage Money

Derek White

NationwideDiligence: From Poverty to Prosperity is the latest publication by author Derek White that teaches good financial habits to children through an engaging story.

The book chronicles the story of a 13-year-old African American boy named Lamont who initially wanted to take his extra cash and splurge on worthless liabilities, such as expensive sneakers. Instead, his father implores him to invest one hundred dollars a month. As a result of this consistent investment, by the time he is 35, Lamont becomes a multi-millionaire.

The writer does an excellent job wielding Lamont’s tale to teach the importance of financial literacy, especially in the minority community with disproportionate access to money management education. With the average Caucasian family experiencing more wealth than the typical black and Hispanic family, this book is a practical guide for children on developing healthy financial habits from a young age to achieve generational wealth.

Diligence: From Poverty to Prosperity is not limited to just disseminating information on finances to youth. Instead, the publication is comprehensive and also focuses on the themes of the importance of a father in the home. Furthermore, this book falls into the rare category of being one of only 11.9% of children’s books with an African American main character.

Diligence: From Poverty to Prosperity is available on Amazon as a Kindle edition, as well as paperback.

Derek White is an entrepreneur and author with several years of experience working in the banking industry. White is an avid fan of the financial markets. He is constantly learning from his research to empower others to budget and invest their income wisely. He ventured into writing when he recognized the schools’ lack of valuable financial knowledge. This led him to write for young adults on the power of being diligent in anything they are pursuing to achieve incredible outcomes, such as building generational wealth.

For press inquiries, contact (443) 309-7304 or dereklwhite88@gmail.com