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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

New Bestseller, “Mind Set Go,” Reveals the Simple Principles to Living a Renewed Life

Derrick D. Reed, author of Mind Set Go

Derrick D. Reed, author of Mind Set Go

Nationwide — Author, Business Coach, and Motivational Speaker, Derrick D. Reed has now released his new book titled Mind Set Go. In this riveting new release, Derrick sets out to reignite and help people identify the need for wholeness and the steps to walk through in achieving it. He boldly empowers people to ignore pessimists who suggest “it can’t be done” and reveals a positive, practical and strategic approach people need to follow in realizing their biggest dreams. Boasting a track record of success in his business coaching, the author applies his coaching techniques to expose individuals to the fact that they cannot change the events that have occurred in the past. But they, however, have all the power in them to rewrite the wrongs and create a wonderful future.

The book, Mind Set Go, will walk readers through simple principles on how to live a renewed life existence; focus on honesty, transparency, forgiveness, and self-care. It motivates to the third power and easily takes readers on a spiritual journey deep within their mind, body, heart, and soul. It is an honest perspective of life consciousness that inspires people to move forward, do more, and be more simply because they can. The book is a worthy investment to the soul with an awesome return of peace and fulfillment. Simply put, it is the roadmap to finding the real you!

Mind Set Go is an amazing and powerful book and is meant to bring about awareness and to encourage millions of people to rise and have a feeling of life experience,” said Derrick D. Reed, author of the book. “It is a must read because it will motivate and inspire you into being proactive, and to obtain self-motivation & understanding which portray who you are, what you think, and what you want to achieve.”

In the book, Derrick reveals how to challenge the old paradigms and perspective and ways to secure the better life waiting on the other side. It is all about willpower, pure passion and purpose fulfillment. Mind Set Go is available online at www.mindsetgobook.com. The website also offers the chance to get in contact with the author through his media platform.

For media invitations, speaking requests, interviews, seminars/ workshops and all other inquiries or to become a stockholder with the book publication, visit www.mindsetgobook.com, email at kenneth@iKenRockEnt.com or call 302-273-8008


About the Author
Derrick D. Reed, is an Author, Business Coach, and a Motivational Speaker. He’s the CEO/Founder of His Image Barber Lounge in the Westside area of Wilmington, DE and the President of Delaware’s Board of Cosmetology and Barbing at the Department of Professionals Regulations in Dover Delaware. As an Author, Derrick helps to instill in people passion, purpose, power, vision and drive to achieve sustainable results. He’s passionate about writing, leading and guiding people to find a fulfilled, happy and purposeful passion in life. Derrick is the author of the book Mind Set Go. The book is his first publication and has been instrumental in restructuring and positioning positive mindset in the life of every individual.

Derrick’s professionalism, business coaching techniques, and firsthand experience have given him deep knowledge, insight, direction, and understanding of issues in the business world and an ability to instill excellence in people. Derrick’s Philosophy and Motto is “When We Know Better, We Grow Better”, is the constant theme that has helped him overcome every test he has faced in life with a mission to create a new culture of peace, lovely brotherhood and enlightenment to the youth to grow from project to progress. The book Mind Set Go is available at www.mindsetgobook.com, Amazon.com, Kindle etc.


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