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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Talented Black Filmmaker, Derrick Muhammad, Launches Book Tour

Derrick Muhammad, author of Guerilla Film Grind

Nationwide — Georgia filmmaker and author Derrick Muhammad has released his long-awaited autobiographical book, Guerilla Film Grind, detailing his experiences in the often very turbulent world of filmmaking.

The book traces the origins of Muhammad’s film career from his time as a young man coming of age in Columbus, OH to his challenging days in Hollywood as an aspiring writer and director. It serves as a guide for aspiring filmmakers who are unsure where to start or what direction to move in.

His approach has been described as “raw, uncut, honest and in your face”.

Guerilla Film Grind was born out of my desire to share my philosophy on how to make a movie outside the Hollywood parameters… My goal is to strip away all excuses and give you a step by step process from pen to distribution,” Muhammad says.

Currently, he is scheduled to speak in cities across the United States to promote his book and he is also looking for venues and media outlets to host or feature him.

“The filmmaking industry is competitive and it cost money to compete. This book will not only guarantee you a place in the game but it will let others know that the real competition is you,” he adds.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon or at DerrickMMuhammad.com

Journalists and bloggers who would like to interview Mr. Muhammad or organizations/ businesses that would like to host him should contact his office at (818) 922-9488.