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Monday, December 4, 2017

Aspiring Model and Film Director From NYC Found Brutally Murdered in the Caribbean

Desiree Gibbon, woman found murdered in Jamaica

Nationwide — Desiree Gibbon, a 26-year old woman from Queens, New York, was recently found dead in a small town right outside of Montego Bay, Jamaica. Local residents say they found her body around 9:15am lying on the side of a rural backroad with her throat slashed.

Desiree was in Jamaica, where her father lives and where her grandmother owns a hotel, looking for work as a bartender to earn money for college.

Her mother told reporters: “She had planned to go to film school. She wanted to direct movies. But she wanted to earn money for it, she didn’t want us to pay for it. She wanted to make it on her own.”

Her mother also said that she hopes that her daughter fought back and has some DNA of her killer left on her body.

Police believe that it was someone she knew and trusted, but have not yet made an arrest.

Meanwhile, a Go Fund Me campaign has been launched to raise money for Gibbon’s family to travel to Jamaica, retrieve her body, and bury her. The fund has already raised more than $32,000.

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