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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Former Army Vet Opens Newest Black Woman-Owned Gym and Fitness Center in Dallas

Destiny Monroe, founder of Raw Fitness gym in Dallas

Nationwide — Meet 32-year old Destiny Nicole Monroe, the owner of Raw Fitness, a Black-owned gym and fitness center located in the Dallas, Texas area. As a certified strength and conditioning specialist, this former Army Veteran and software engineer already has more than half a million followers on Instagram (@DNicoleMonroe) and now offers online tailored workout programs.

Destiny boasts a brand built on authenticity and the REAL fitness experience. Living a healthy lifestyle is second nature for her, and she wants to make sure her clients live by that notion. Her world-class fitness center has a significant focus on helping clients online, and prides itself in offering practical and efficient solutions. She was recently featured on NBC’s Today Show.

The dream

Her dream and commitment go all the way back to high school when Destiny found her passion for track and field before joining the Army. Destiny grew up in a Black community, where health is a concern due to poor eating and dietary habits. Destiny herself agrees that her life was not any different, added to the violent life she underwent. All these issues have, over time, influenced her decision and zeal to develop fitness and good health programs to help the people around her.

She served eight years in the military and maintained a high level of fitness performance throughout. Until now, Destiny believes she is more knowledgeable about health and fitness and ensures it is her main priority daily for the sake of both physical and mental wellbeing. What makes her passion unique is her dream to share her knowledge and the benefits with the world.

Solving a common problem

With the COVID-19 and lockdown-related concerns, it makes perfect sense that many people cannot keep to their regular fitness programs. Many people can’t access gyms, while others have grown undesirable bodies while at home. That is why Raw Fitness and its founder Destiny are here to help. Look! Actor Anthony Anderson was highly impressed with her skill set and discipline workouts.

Destiny’s RAW Fitness app offers easy-to-follow workout videos customized for individual fitness goals. Developed by Destiny herself, the app also lets users download videos for offline use and track their nutrition.

The programs that Destiny shares with her clients are certified and based on her experience and training of hundreds of people. These include the delivery of personalized workouts and nutrition programs that are catered to individual needs. As an experienced trainer and online coach, Destiny understands that many online programs try to entice people to promise overnight results, using quick fixes and diet fads. Essence Magazine also did an article listing Destiny as a top Fitness Trainer.

One thing that sets Raw Fitness apart is the commitment to offering real and practical results. Destiny’s programs are natural, authentic, refreshing, and that is what #keepitraw is all about. She connotes that a fitness journey calls for a lot when it comes to commitment and hard work. And that is why everyone must be ready to make those ugly expressions and grunts. Destiny assures clients of her unrelenting promise to ensure everyone meets their health and fitness goals with No excuses! Results only!

About Raw Fitness
Destiny helps everyone, no matter the age or levels of experience while transforming their bodies and minds and bringing out the best in them all at a cost of $30. Sign up online now at www.rawfitness.net or call 800-599-1632.

Raw Fitness is located at 53 W. Commerce Street, Suite 1538, Dallas, TX 75208.

For press inquiries, contact monroe.destiny@gmail.com