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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Professor Teaches Black Entrepreneurs How To Succeed In ANY Economy

Power MOVE By Devin Robinson


Nationwide — Economic activist, Devin Robinson, explains how blacks can live comfortably to 10% of their income and build mainstream businesses in his 8th book, Power M.O.V.E.: How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur. Robinson, a military veteran and network engineer, entered into full-time entrepreneurship after becoming frustrated with Corporate America. He ditched his $85,000 a year job for the risks of business ownership.

Over the past decade, he has worked on many community economic initiatives that have resulted in thousands of entrepreneurs being trained and transformed, while hundreds went on to being put into full-time entrepreneurship. He said, “Entrepreneurship must become a way of life for African-Americans. There are too many hiring disparities in America for African-Americans to trust using a college degree to get a high-paying job.”

He has built numerous businesses for himself, earned a living by day trading stocks and generated over $10 million in revenues through business development in urban communities. Recently the SBA released a report showing it provided billions in funding for small businesses in 2013, however only 1.7% of those funds made it to black-owned businesses.

Robinson’s book Power M.O.V.E. has been used to develop entrepreneurial curriculum and to date, hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs have been trained through his Power M.O.V.E. Academy. Subscribers to his newsletter get a free business plan template instantly at www.PowerMoveProfessionals.com.

Robinson has appeared on numerous national media platforms to include Radio One, Ebony magazine, NBC and more. He has worked with the National Urban League, Department of Labor, local government agencies and more. His activism has been played out in his 2009 one-week boycott of Korean-owned beauty supply stores and his 2013 Atlanta protest for Trayvon Martin. He is a former Atlanta President of Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network where he helped launch the first economic initiative panel at the agency’s annual convention. He is a business and economics professor who has taught at Oglethorpe and Bellevue Universities.

He donates time, books and revenues to two of his favorite neighborhood charities Full Circle Refuge and M.E.N.S. Wear Inc. regularly.

He concluded, “The key to successful entrepreneurship lies in one’s psychology. If we can first battle the impatient spending habits of the urban community by turning that spending into patient investing, we can see much more entrepreneurs rise out of our community’s ranks.”

You can learn about him at www.DevinRobinson.com or at www.PowerMoveProfessionals.com or call him at 404-551-4398.

Anne Holder