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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

36-Year Old School Principal From Brooklyn Dies From Coronavirus

Dez-Ann Romain, Brooklyn principal

Nationwide — Dez-Ann Romain, the 36-year old principal of the Brooklyn Democracy Academy in New York City has died from coronavirus complications. Reportedly, she is the first city public school employee to contract and die from COVID-19.

The academy is a transfer school for over-age/under-credited students, located in the Brooklyn borough. According to her colleagues, Romain was a dedicated community servant that “gave her entire self” to the school and the entire community “and it did not matter how incredibly complex a problem was.”

She was known to regularly stop and talk to every student that she passed in the hallways in between classes. Also, back in March 2019, she was honored by Brooklyn’s Borough President Eric Adams for her enormous contribution to the community, culture, and education.

The Council of School Supervisors and Administrators (CSA) issued a public statement saying: “It is with profound sadness and overwhelming grief that we announce the passing of our sister, CSA member Dezann Romain, Principal of Brooklyn Democracy Academy, due to complications from Coronavirus. Our prayers are with her family and school community as we mourn alongside them. Please keep Principal Romain in your thoughts and continue to do everything possible to keep yourselves and your loved ones safe during this health crisis.”