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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Formerly Homeless Woman Who Escaped Prostitution Shares Her Powerful Story, Launches Online Course

The course entitled “Think Big, Start Small™” helps individuals transform from a life of wishing for it, to finally achieving the personal success they’ve been hoping for.

Diseree Clay, transformational coach

Nationwide — Transformational coach, Diseree Clay, has taken her skill of transformation and shifted this formula that has helped her in her own pursuits into the launch of her new course, “Think Big, Start Small™,” now available on her website, DisereeClay.com. This innovative course is targeted toward women who seek to transform into the best version of themselves and are ready, willing, and able to grow. Clay’s motivation for crafting this course stems for her unending desire to see people live a life on the other side of the window to personal freedom.

Diseree comments, “Low self-esteem, abortions, molestation, prostitution, divorce, homelessness, and single parenting have together and separately given me a front-row seat in my own ‘classroom of hopelessness’. But with the help of my God, I refused to give in to the unhealthy and festering circumstances that surrounded my youth.”

The “Think Big, Start Small™” transformational program has an easy to follow system that challenges participants to identify their goals, jump into action and stay motivated throughout the process of shifting from small goals to big wins. The course features a 5-module series valued at $1,499, with an introductory rate of $99. The program will also help people identify the areas of weakness in their lives and help them break the cycle to achieve personal success.

This course encompasses varied layers that explore the different stages of transformation. These layers are crafted into easy to follow modules from “Identify Your Goals” to “Navigating Change” to “Assess Your Present and Your Future to Create Your Plan” to “Stay Motivated.” Since the launch of “Think Big, Start Small™,” Coach Clay has helped her clients get results in their personal and professional lives—often leading to promotions and leadership advancements. Her step-by-step approach makes life transformation doable. Clients feel safe and able to shift their thinking and take small, immediate actions that bring exciting results into their personal and professional life.

“As a Transformation Coach, I expedite my client’s growth and change. I do this by shedding light and understanding on their goal and vision, asking probing questions, hearing what they do not notice in what they are saying. I also spot what they do not see for themselves, while untying knots that hold them back, and by providing them with unconditional support, all the while encouraging their self-discovery,” said Diseree. “I help my clients release their innate wisdom and power to achieve the results they desire – to access and produce excellence,” she added.

If you’re ready to transform, join Diseree’s inspiring and motivational program “Think Big, Start Small™” at DisereeClay.com. Transformation starts with you, and Coach Clay can help you shift into the person you’ve always wanted to be.


About Diseree Clay:
Diseree Clay is a transformational coach with the constant goal of helping women master their mindset to sustainably thrive in life, love, and career through online courses, masterminds, and coaching. With her “Think Big, Start Small™” Program, she helps people control, channel, nurture, and transform the fire they have into the fuel that feeds their success and then lights their path to a real future filled with real opportunities.

She is the curator of Dez-Three-Sixty°, a multimedia brand that includes a podcast, blog, books, and apparel, holds a degree in Education, a Master’s degree in Guidance and Counseling. She is also an inspirational author, workshop facilitator, empowering speaker, John Maxwell Team Member, and dedicated advocate for girls and women.


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