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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

African American Oil Industry Veterans Open the World of Oil & Gas Using Blockchain Technology

Donald Glover and Harold Thomas

Donald Glover and Harold Thomas

Nationwide — Oil industry veterans, Donald Glover and Harold Thomas, want black people to participate in the behind the scenes world of oil and gas by utilizing the power of Blockchain technology. African Americans are a large consumer of fossil fuels and low on the supply chain in terms of involvement and profit. Reserve Oil and Gas Coin (ROC) is an innovative project aimed to making an impact on that dynamic.

The Oil & Gas industry does over $1.7 trillion dollars in business every year. Oil and Gas production yields profits that are bigger than the raw metal markets and Gold markets combined. Some of those profits are tapped into by investors that go through traditional avenues of investments such as Oil and Gas Stocks, EFTs (Exchange Trade Funds), and Mutual Funds. However, your typical average African-American millennial or even baby boomer – knows very little about these investment avenues. Those that do know may have to rely on investment advisors to funnel their funds into these investments for them. Reserve Oil and Gas Coin has created an offering that allows disadvantaged markets, with limited access to investments, an opportunity to invest at the ground level and share in the profits of oil and gas for themselves.

ROC has a stellar team of Oil and Gas veterans that have come together to launch a project that will be a game changer in the Black community. They have successfully married this initiative into an ERC-20 (Ethereum) token as a fully compliant crypto-asset. Investors will gain access to a bird’s eye view into the production and supply process, as well as profit from such an involvement. With any investment there are risks, however making an investment in an established industry such as oil and gas, which is the most used commodity in the world, and utilizing Blockchain Technology, Internet of Things Technology and cryptocurrency, allows those risks to be more transparent and easily fungible in the crypto markets.

Mr. Donald Glover has over 31 years of oil and gas operating experience. During his tenor as COO of Trinity River Energy and Vice President of Chesapeake Energy Mid Con, Donald established a track record of building and managing teams across diverse disciplines to achieve high results. Donald is a US Army veteran (1st Lieutenant – ret) with an MBA from Rice University’s Jones School of Business and a Chemical Engineering degree from Oklahoma State University. His experience also includes both on and offshore drilling, completions, and production operations throughout the value chain which encompasses exploration, appraisal, development, harvest and abandonment.

Mr. Harold Thomas has over a decade of experience in the Energy Industry and is a Morehouse College alumnus. Harold experience also includes knowledge of production operations, sensing technology and the Blockchain. His personal mission is to bring more knowledge and education of the Energy Sector to black people because it will open up a greater involvement and tap into more sources of economic wealth for disadvantaged communities.

Reserve Oil and Gas Coin presale will begin on December 15th. The Security Token Offer (STO) will begin January 15,2019. Take advantage of early bonuses by getting involved today. To invest and learn more about this exciting project, that’s bringing the stability of the Oil and Gas Industry to the transparency of the blockchain, please visit www.reserveoilcoin.io


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