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Thursday, May 2, 2024

Two Brothers Launch New App Allowing Users to Experience Historic Black Chicago From 1920 to 1940

Donald and Philip Jones

Nationwide — Meet Donald and Philip Jones, the developers of Time Machine Bronzeville, a desktop application that gives users an immersive journey through the rich history of this South Side Chicago community, between 1920 and 1940. The app brings to life the stories, cityscape, and legends of this neighborhood during pivotal moments in history.

Designed as an enrichment experience suitable for Middle School students and beyond, Time Machine Bronzeville lets visitors explore interactive locations, engage with animated characters, and delve into the experiences of Bronzeville residents during the Great Migration, Jim Crow segregation, and the Chicago Renaissance.

What sets Time Machine Bronzeville apart is its use of game technologies for historical and cultural preservation. By seamlessly blending storytelling with gameplay, TMB provides a unique platform for learning about African American history and culture.

Time Machine Bronzeville is now available for download on Steam, the premier platform for gamers and digital content distribution. This strategic choice ensures that Time Machine Bronzeville reaches a new audience that appreciates immersive experiences and storytelling.

“We wanted to create a tool that not only educates but also engages and inspires,” said Donald Jones, co-creator of Time Machine Bronzeville. “Growing up in Bronzeville, we were surrounded by stories and experiences that deserve to be shared. With TMB, we aim to shine a light on our community’s rich heritage and encourage a deeper appreciation for African American history.”
In addition to its educational value, Time Machine Bronzeville contributes to diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts by incorporating archival materials and first-person oral histories to authentically portray lived experiences. By attracting new audiences to the exploration of African American history, TMB fosters a greater understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity.

Philip Jones, co-founder of Time Machine Bronzeville, added, “We believe that understanding the past is crucial for shaping a better future. With Time Machine Bronzeville, we hope to inspire curiosity, empathy, and dialogue about the challenges and triumphs of Bronzeville’s residents throughout history.”

Time Machine Bronzeville is now available for download for all who wish to uncover the vibrant history of Chicago’s South Side.

About the Founders:

Donald Brooks Jones is an award-winning author, editor, book-builder, and co-founder of Alchemy Media Publishing Company helping professionals, creatives, and everyone in between tell their stories and share their wisdom. He is the author of three books Back Home the Same Day, Little Did I Know: The Coming of Age of a Black Boomer, and Dateline: Bronzeville: A Runny Walker Mystery.

Philip Mallory Jones is internationally recognized as an innovator and educator in the media arts, with a career spanning more than half a century – from vacuum tubes and tape splices to synthetic reality. Mr. Jones’ work has been supported by the Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, American Film Institute, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Smithsonian Institution, New York State Council on the Arts. He is the Creative Director of Alchemy Media Publishing Company.

For more information and/or to book Don or Phil for media interviews, contact Monique Caradine-Kitchens at mcaradine@gmail.com