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Monday, October 5, 2020

Dontaye Carter, Founder of Black-Owned Multi-Media Firm, Selected to Join the Board of Civil Rights Icon’s Foundation

Dontaye Carter

Atlanta, GA — Dontaye Carter, the founder of the internationally recognized multi-media firm, Carter Media Group, LLC, has been named as the newest board member of The Joan Trumpauer Mulholland Foundation. He comments, “I am humbled and very proud to join her foundation in the fight for equity and equality.”

Carter started the company three years ago to work with attorneys to use their client’s stories to drive change. He has worked on some of the nation’s most prominent legal cases, including #SurvivingRKelly case, The Maggie Thomas Case, Ahmaud Arbery case, the Jimmy Atchison case, and many more.

Carter began his professional career in television news working as an Executive Producer, Anchor, Reporter, and Editor. After more than a decade, Carter left the news industry to become the youngest Director of the Public Relations Department at the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office, the largest DA’s office in the State of Georgia. Nearly two years later, Carter launched Carter Media Group.

“My mother first introduced me to Joan Trumpauer Mulholland through our history books. I’ve always admired Mulholland’s courage. She helped me to see my value as a young man because she stood up to systemic oppression for me. I am humbled and very proud to join her foundation in the fight for equity and equality,” said Carter. “I believe in their work of eradicating racism through education, and this information will arm the next generation of change agents.”

“It’s extremely difficult to find a person who understands history, law, and media as intricately as Dontaye. His work with attorneys and activists wasn’t only seen with how he elevated the voices of the victims in the R. Kelly case, but also in the City of Atlanta where he resides. Police officers now have to wear body cameras, and they must be recording or lose their jobs because of the case of Jimmy Atchison. Dontaye wants to raise awareness, and he desires to create change that will benefit the generations to come. We want to call this new movement, “Social Justice,” but it’s about doing what’s right. My mother stood for what’s right, and Dontaye has stood for doing the right thing even when it’s unpopular. We are extremely proud to have him join our board, said Loki Mulholland, Founder and Executive Director of the Joan Trumpauer Mulholland Foundation.

Carter joins BK Fulton and Nikki Walker as the recently selected board members. Fulton is the founding Chairman & CEO of Soulidifly Productions, a feature film and media investment company designed to promote a more inclusive narrative in contemporary media. Walker is a consummate public relations professional with cross-category experiences in the fields of beauty, fashion, celebrity, and lifestyle. Throughout her career, Walker has remained active in her community and tied to the issues that matter most including those affecting women and children, mental health awareness in black and brown communities, and urban poverty.

For press inquiries, contact info@cartermedia.net or (678) 551-1864.