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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Man Nearly Eaten Alive by Two Pit Bulls He Helped Raise

Dontre Davis, man attacked by pit bull

Dontre Davis

Indian Trail, NC — Dontre Davis, a man from North Carolina, was completely terrified and says he thought he was going to die when he was attacked by two pit bulls that he and his roommate raised. He was severely injured and scarred in the face, arms, and legs and he even lost his ears after the attack.

“All I could feel was pain,” Davis said in an interview with WSOC. “It literally is like getting eaten alive.”

On December, Davis was attacked by two pit bulls in their home.

Davis said he helped raise the pit bulls, named Snow and Smoke, since his roommate brought them home as puppies. He and the dogs shared good times, sleeping and playfully dancing, as shown in previous videos.

However, that day, one of their puppies got its tooth stuck in a cage. Davis believed the dogs may have attacked him after the puppy yelped in pain and the mother thought he hurt the puppy. The father eventually joined attacking him.

Right there and then, Davis thought he was going to die. He tried to fight the dogs but gave up when he grew tired.

“I lost so much blood, and they were attacking my face,” Davis said. “I just started yelling, ‘I’m going to die. Someone help me.'”

His roommate’s father tried to help him, but the dogs bit him too. He called 911 and the deputies who responded shot the dogs dead to save Davis.

Davis had to spend a week at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte. He is now on medication to prevent infection and will need plastic surgery to repair his ears, but he didn’t think he’ll be able to afford it.

Despite the terrifying attack, Davis still believes that they weren’t dangerous dogs and they only behaved that way to protect their puppy.

Watch the local news coverage below: