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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Doorbell Camera Caught Man Admitting He Killed His Pregnant Sister

Michael Egwiagi, man who killed pregnant sister

Austin, TX — Michael Egwuagu, a 25-year old man from Texas, has been accused of stabbing and killing his pregnant sister, 32-year old Jennifer Chioma Ebichi. And police say they have doorbell camera footage of him admitting to the horrendous crime.

According to reports, a witness named Linda Mura, who came to Jennifer’s home when she texted her, saw Michael coming out of the home smiling while holding a bloody kitchen knife. He then said, “I killed Jennifer.”

Police confirmed what Linda said from a doorbell camera footage.

Moreover, Jennifer’s twin brother, Martin Chinedu Egwuagu, said that a few hours prior to his sister’s death he noticed Michael was talking strangely and he warned her about it.

Hours later, Martin received a text from Jennifer asking him to come to her. When he arrived, he found Mura outside the home with Jennifer’s older child covered in blood. Inside the home, he found Jennifer lying on the floor full of blood and her younger child crying.

After putting the children under the care of his wife, Martin found Michael on the street kneeling “as though he was praying.” He then removed his clothes that were covered in blood and threw them in a nearby trash can.

According to the autopsy, Jennifer, who was in her first trimester of pregnancy, died due to multiple stab wounds and the fetus died with her.

Meanwhile, Michael, who was a former football player for the University of Texas at San Antonio, has been arrested on murder charges. He is being held with bond set at $500,000.