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Monday, June 24, 2019

Florida Man Throws Feces at the Judge During Trial, But Misses

Dorleans Philidor

Dorleans Philidor

Miami, FL — Dorleans Philidor, a 33-year old man who was on trial for a burglary charge, defecated on his seat while in the courtroom and tried to throw his feces at the judge. Thankfully, it did not reach the judge.

Philidor was reportedly sitting in a wheelchair beside Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Lisa Walsh when he tried to throw his feces at her but missed after she managed to scramble away.

“It’s protein! It’s good for you!” Philidor reportedly said afterwards. He ate some of his feces, witnesses said.

Many corrections officers responded to the incident as the lawyers tried to run, causing commotion inside the courtroom. There were no jurors at the trial at that time, officials said.

Philidor’s trial was moved so the courtroom could be sanitized.

Philidor was eventually acquitted of burglary after jurors’ deliberation on the afternoon of that same day. But he will stay in jail as he still faces another trial in a grand theft auto case.

It was not the first time Philidor did the same stunt. Miami Dade Circuit Court spokeswoman Eunice Sigler said Philidor also defecated on himself in a holding cell the day before the trial. He smeared it to himself and the cell.

The court ordered for Philidor to be checked by a doctor to determine if he was pretending to have a mental illness, but he was deemed well enough to undergo trial.

Moreover, it is not yet clear if he will face charges related to the courtroom attack. He faces multiple other charges with at least 15 years sentence in prison if convicted.