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Monday, August 22, 2016

Dr. Brenda T. Bradley Encourages Others to Take the 21-Day Vegan Challenge

— Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and author, Brenda T. Bradley PhD, wants to help others live better, happier, and healthier lives. Last year she developed a new program, The 21-Day Vegan Challenge, and has recommended that those struggling with weight or health issues give it a try. This program is offered monthly. —

Dr. Brenda T. Bradley

Dr. Brenda T. Bradley

Fort Washington, MD — Dr. Brenda T. Bradley has had a remarkable career and life that has taken many twists and turns. From being a US service member in the Air Force to being a Certified Health coach, the one common denominator has been a desire to serve others and make the world around her a better—healthier—place to live in.

After struggling with her own health goals and learning about the body and what it needs to perform optimally, she made the switch to a plant-based diet. This diet she credits for helping her not only improve her weight, but improve her immunity, mood, and overall health. The 21-Day Vegan Challenge is a vegan-only program that has been designed for anyone desiring to make a lifestyle change or to explore and experience the healthy benefits of a vegan diet.

“I am an evangelist when it comes to a plant-based diet,” says Bradley. “It has worked for me in my own life, but also the testimonials that I have coming in from my clients have really cemented for me that this is the right path and where we all should be going.”

Here’s what others are saying:

“I’m not just surviving, I’m embracing this! My blood glucose levels have been wonderful since we started and I haven’t missed my coffee or sweets! Thanks Brenda for introducing us to this lifestyle.” — Pamela L.K

“I have restored my body to good health. I will not inherit my family’s health issues of diabetes, heart disease, anemia and countless other illnesses.” — Lucy C.F

“As a person who is currently dealing with lupus, I am truly amazed with the difference this challenge has made with my health and my weight… give it a try.” — Nira F


Client after client has responded to her challenge with positive results, both inside and out. Dr. Bradley believes that a plant based diet not only contributes to weight loss but improved attitudes as people feel much better about themselves. She has recently released her first cookbook, Kale Yeah It’s Good, No Meat Necessary as a way of kicking off a movement, she believes is not only good for people, but necessary. The book can be found through Amazon or her website at www.drbtbradley.com, where people may also find out more about her services and program.


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