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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Power of Awareness — Doctor and Community Leader Provides A Holistic Formula to Finding Inner Peace (What 60 days in jail taught him that his Ph.D. didn’t!)

Dr. Curtis D. Jasper

Atlanta, GA — Dr. Curtis D. Jasper, affectionately known as Dr. Curt, announces the launch of the I AM Project. The I AM Project is part of the newly founded I AM International Non-profit organization established to teach individuals how to validate their lives, their spiritual development and to achieve personal mastery. The I AM Project will make its mark in the field of counseling and self-awareness by encouraging individuals to commit to self actualization, transformation and total release of emotional, mental, and spiritual freedom.

“When it comes to self-awareness and true happiness, many are confused because of the several paths to self freedom there claims to be and the many services that can lead them there”, says Dr Curt. With his many years as a life coach, educator, and motivational speaker, he has helped individuals find their unique paths. What’s more is the I AM Project and its services are available locally, nationally, and globally via Skype, teleconferencing, small group, couples, email and text.

Choosing a counselor that both suits the needs of the individual and provides effective tools for the well being and progression of the whole body is difficult. The I AM Project takes it clients through a thorough process of self evaluation, tailored on a case by case basis to connect to the hopes, challenges, and needs of those who are ready to grow by gaining strength and clarity of mind, body and spirit. With the lessening stigma that counseling is for the “impaired” and the rising number of individuals who realize that their current situation of mild to severe distress is caused by deep seated, on-going internal issues and need assistance tapping into their spiritual understanding and strength, it has become imperative for individuals to seek counseling.

The I Am Project will assist individuals in overcoming challenges and guide them through a cleansing process, so they can shed the layers of darkness in order to live in the light. With over twenty years experience, many have already benefited from Dr. Curt’s expertise. The development will enable individuals who previously found counseling prohibitively expensive and challenging to avail themselves of these services. It will also help those who found that counseling only put a bandage over the wound. The client will complete their program with a full understanding of themselves from the past to the present and how to use these experiences to live the greatest and most peaceful life due to them. There will be no more questioning, Where AM I? Who AM I? What AM I? They will leave with an understanding of I AM!

He is now expanding his presence with the I AM Project, enabling him to service a multitude of individuals in several areas of self awareness. As part of his life journey, Dr. Curt was incarcerated for sixty days. During this time he practiced a daily ritual of journaling, questioning, exercising, meditating, breathing and sharing. He shared his experiences and ritual with other inmates and developed small groups teaching spiritual development. He will continue to reach out to his fellow “brothers” who are still incarcerated, newly released and individuals with felonies, which continue to present everyday challenges. Dr. Curt has overcome death, depression, debt, divorce and devastation within his own life and is eager to share his experiences with all others.

About Dr. Curtis D. Jasper
Dr. Curtis D. Jasper, founder of the I AM Project is a skilled professional who is dedicated to providing high-quality services to human beings, communities, families, learning institutions, and the world at large. Dr. Curt is a former teacher, educational consultant, and Principal.  He is a serial entrepreneur with 12 years experience in life coaching and consulting, real estate and small business ownership. He still serves as a Real Estate Investor and Consultant. More importantly, Dr. Curt has studied Metaphysics, Metaphysical Science and Spiritual Laws for the last 15 years and credits his own life experiences as being his greatest teacher.  Dr. Curt has a Bachelor of Science in Education, Masters of Arts in Education and a Ph.D. in Counseling specializing in Metaphysical Counseling. He is also an Ordained Minister, an author, a speaker, and activist. “My work is my life! My work is my play! My work is my service and gift to human kind!” says Dr. Curt.

Be Simple: Be Here, Be Now!

Dr. Curtis D. Jasper has been noted as a nationally recognized educator and an educational consultant and trainer.  He is a former classroom teacher and principal.  He has been featured in the Douglas County Sentinel News (Douglas County, Georgia) as a Life Coach; The South Fulton County Neighbor News (Fulton County, Georgia) as a Top School Administrator; BlackNews.com as an Entrepreneur helping local families in housing; The Bella Online Magazine as a Featured Life Coach Interview and on various regional radio stations. Dr. Curt’s first book will be out Fall 2014.

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Dr. Curtis D. Jasper