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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Black Accountant Hailed a Hero For Settling His Client’s $500K IRS Debt For Just $12K

Dr. Curtis Webley

Dr. Curtis Webley, founder of Webley’s Accounting Services

Nationwide — Chicago businessman, Dr. Curtis Webley, is being hailed a hero by locals who have had unsurmountable income tax problems with the Internal Revenue Service. Quite recently, Dr. Webley challenged the IRS after they demanded over $500,000 from one of his clients. He settled the case for under $12,000.

“My wife and I were flabbergasted with how meticulous he is,” said one client. “We know he is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) but we really didn’t know what that meant and what he actually does. We did not know that qualification matters when it comes to taxation until we made an appointment, visited with him, and saw the many college degrees on the wall behind him. We have been to at least five of the biggest tax preparation firms, and even those so-called experts who advertised on radios and television, for help. They talked a good game, charged exorbitant fees and nothing was done to alleviate our tax burden. It was out of desperation that we turned to Dr. Webley for help even though we have known him for years and, I must admit, have never supported his business. He did not turn us away but listened attentively to our problems, scrolled through our documents, and offered different approaches and solutions to mitigate our tax problems. My wife and I were so impressed with his knowledge that I began to question him, wondering if he really knows what he was talking about, or he was just telling us what he thought we wanted to hear like the rest of professionals we had been to before.”

“When he resolved our case with the IRS, told us we only owed $12,000, we still did not believe it until we received the official letter directly from the IRS. That night, my wife and I slept like new born babies. We continued to ask ourselves, why we haven’t gone to him before. Both of us have recommended Dr. Webley to others who had similar problems, and from what we know, they got similar results. We are convinced that Dr. Webley is a genius and an expert at what he does.”

Said another, “I was skeptical to go to Dr. Webley although I have always known about him and socialize with him for years. I just felt more comfortable going to another professional who did not know anything about me. To be frank, I did not want anyone I socialize with to know my business, and boy, was I wrong! I spent thousands of dollars in the past consulting with tax attorneys and other professionals, and got minimal results. The IRS was threatening me with liens and wage garnishment. I was desperate and telephoned a local government official to ask for advice. He recommended Dr. Webley. It was then I realized that our communities have a top notch accountant, a financial advisor, a business consultant, an investment guru, who has been a jewel among us. However, because of our ignorance, cultural biases, and lack of knowledge, we have not been taken advantage of his diverse knowledge and skills and allow friends and others-who are in the same or similar position are we are – to dictate how we spent our monies. Can you imagine that? To be honest, I am glad I went to see Dr. Webley and extremely proud and satisfied with the results. Not only was he able to resolve my $51,000 IRS tax debt, and got it reduced to $3,400, but also he was a lot less expensive than I had imagined. Dr. Webley has a client for life and I recommended him to all my friends and whoever, I come in contact with who needs an Accountant. I am just saddened, however, that for all the years I have known him, I fell prey to ignorance and illiteracy even though I should have known better. He certainly is a god send to the Evanston and Roger’s Park communities.”

The unassuming businessman is quite revered by all who dealt with him professionally and socially. His clientele base are mostly businesses and professionals including lawyers, doctors, engineers, politicians, teachers, and others, who know the value of his services. Dr. Webley lectures at several colleges and universities in Chicago; authored a book – Surviving in America – and many articles on financial topics, income taxation, and social issues. He guest speaks at several galas and meetings, and conducts several financial seminars. A native of Jamaica, Dr. Webley also makes time to help the Jamaican and other communities with governmental and social issues. He is a community leader, a philanthropist, and a stalwart to us all.

Dr. Webley has been in business for over 40 years; holds Masters’ degrees in taxation and finance, and a Ph.D. in Accounting. His business is Webley’s Accounting Services, P.C., 1941 W. Howard Street, Chicago, Illinois. For more details, visit http://wascpafirm.com or call the office at 847-328-2246.