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Monday, June 28, 2021

Black Psychologist Releases First Ever Therapy Card Deck For Black Men

Dr. Ebony, creator of therapy cards for Black men

Nationwide — Dr. Ebony, the creator of My Therapy Cards, the first card deck and self-help tool for Black women, has finally created the first therapy card deck for Black men! After the successful release of the first deck of My Therapy Cards, she received so many requests for a My Therapy Cards for Black men! She heard it and has delivered! Introducing My Therapy Cards – Men’s Edition, the first card deck created for Black men!

Similar to the original edition, this newest edition helps Black men and other men of color work through thoughts, habits, and behaviors that impact their growth and development. With all that’s going on in the world for Black men, the deck helps men also learn how to sort through their feelings and find the words to work through what they’re experiencing. The Men’s Edition also provides a guide for self-care and activities for self-expression.

The mission of My Therapy Cards – Men’s Edition is to make sure that Black men have access to quality tools and resources to take care of themselves and their mental health. We seek to decrease the stigma and normalize the mental health convo amongst Black men. The prompts and tasks have been carefully crafted and vetted to provide the type of experience Black men need to gain a deeper level of understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Just as with the original version of My Therapy Cards, Dr. Ebony took extensive and intentional measures to ensure that My Therapy Cards – Men’s Edition included language, prompts, and tasks that actually resonate with Black men and other men of color. This is the very first self-help card deck and therapy tool specifically for Black men, and we are excited to center the mental health and well-being of Black men in a way that gives them full permission to learn more about themselves right where they are! We care about representation, accessibility, and breaking stigmas associated with seeking help. My Therapy Cards – Men’s Edition directly addresses all of this!

The My Therapy Cards – Men’s Edition deck includes:

• 15 prompts and tasks per category for a total of 45 cards designed to address mental blocks, habit blocks, and ineffective coping skills.

• A How-to-Use Card that breaks down the best way to work through the cards.

• Emotion wheel to help guide language around emotional experiences and emotional intelligence.

• Self-Care menu card created to provide a variety of ways to practice self-care.

• Resource card for additional support and guidance, including resources for locating local therapists for continued support outside of the card deck.

• Access to emails containing tips for best practices, additional prompts, follow-up questions, and support!

The cards center on the mental health and self-care needs of Black men and increases the conversation around healing for our Black men, and are available now. The introductory price is $49.97 per card deck.

To purchase or learn more about My Therapy Cards, visit MyTherapyCards.com

Ebony Butler, Ph.D. is a Licensed Psychologist and Food Relationship Strategist who is committed to increasing mental wellness and resources in Black communities. She is a speaker, advocate, author, and program facilitator. Learn more at DrEbony.com

For press inquiries, contact 601-559-7886 or info@drebony.com

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