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Friday, June 29, 2018

Dr. Edward Mulraine Authors “The Ten Step M.A.N.” on How Black Men Can Live Triumphantly in a “World Of Women, Wine, War and Wickedness”

New Male Empowerment Book Works to Stop Dysfunction and Build Up Character in Men of Color

Author Edward Mulraine and his bookcover

Author Dr. Edward Mulraine and his bookcover

New York, NY — E.A. Raine Publishing recently released this month a new male empowerment book titled, The Ten Step M.A.N.- A Practical Guide to Peace, Power, Purpose and Liberation in a World of Women, Wine, War and Wickedness. Authored by Duke University’s newly minted D.Min, Reverend Dr. Edward Mulraine, who also leads Unity Baptist Tabernacle Church in Mount Vernon, New York, The Ten Step M.A.N. is devoted to addressing the challenges men of color face in their lives and positively transforming them towards success.

Through his many years of preaching and speaking to men at conferences as well as counseling men in their most difficult times, Dr. Mulraine has tailored a book built on real life experiences and circumstances to equip and empower men for their life’s journey. (Click here to see Rev. Dr. Edward Mulraine discuss “The Ten Step M.A.N” on a recent Bronxnet interview – www.bronxnet.org/watch/videos/5085/).

“From topics of Fatherness to incarceration, many books examine the social and moral decline of Black men, but not many books today look at the good and potential of our men. I wanted to change that and it took me seven years to write The Ten Step M.A.N. with the goal to proactively address the emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs of men,” states Reverend Dr. Edward Mulraine. “By teaching Black men how to positively and strategically equip their minds, bodies and spirit with the goal to build a man’s character up for living triumphantly in society, The Ten Step M.A.N. is ultimately a step-by-step guide for men towards positive transformation for themselves, their families and communities.”

The alarming statistics on men reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (www.cdc.gov) to the National Coalition on Men (www.ncfm.org) suggest that Black and Brown men in the U.S. society are experiencing systematic discrimination in public health issues, parenting, domestic violence policies, education, financial literacy, and criminal sentencing, to name a few. The Ten Step M.A.N.- A Practical Guide to Peace, Power, Purpose and Liberation in a World of Women, Wine, War and Wickedness recognizes the daily societal pressures men face. The book uses everything, from sports and history to politics and pop culture, to empathize with the male reader and his temptations, from sex and women to criminal mischief and more.

Moreover, The Ten Step M.A.N. is rooted in the biblical text of Ephesians 6:14-17. It is the metaphorical use of the armor in the bible verse that The Ten Step M.A.N. is based on and purports the “Ten Steps” that all men must arm themselves with in order to be transformed into better selves. The acronym, M.A.N., stands for “Man of Armor Nation,” with the goal of the book to empower men to be bold, wise and secure in business, education, service to the community and more.

The Ten Step M.A.N. offers its ten-step guide to achieving the armor of character by comprehensively delving into each step, which includes:

Step 1: Acknowledgment of the Enemy
Step 2: Integrity
Step 3: Security
Step 4: Community
Step 5: Mobility
Step 6: Resiliency
Step 7: Mentally
Step 8: Effectively
Step 9: Prayerfully
Step 10: Boldly

In all, The Ten Step M.A.N. is a resource book based on real life struggles that men face, but often hide. It can assist men with their issues and provide solutions for them to fight their demons and battle their temptations. The Ten Step M.A.N. can also be helpful for women readers who are looking to understand men’s issues better.

The Ten Step M.A.N.- A Practical Guide to Peace, Power, Purpose and Liberation in a World of Women, Wine, War and Wickedness (ISBN: 978-0-692-07473-2) is available at www.thetenstepman.com. For further information or media inquiries, call 908-672-6024 or e-mail Dr. Tyrha M. Lindsey-Warren at Tyrha.Lindsey@laicommunications.com.

About the Author:
Reverend Dr. Edward Mulraine is a Pastor, Social Justice Advocate, Writer and Educator. Previous titles he has penned include The Gathering at Gethsemane and Something to Battle With. Through his books, Dr. Mulraine weaves his many talents into readable dynamics for the secular and religious community. Dr. Mulraine combines the biblical and theological with the social, racial and political to make for a distinction in his writings and information for his readers. His books are based on real life struggles that people face, but often hide. Through his books, many are able to identify themselves and their struggles and seek ways to fight their demons and battle their temptations. Dr. Mulraine is a graduate of the Union Theological Seminary at Columbia University and Duke University where he received his D.Min. He is the Senior Pastor of Unity Tabernacle and lives in Mount Vernon, New York with his family.


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