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Sunday, July 24, 2022

Meet the Black Scholar Confirmed to Speak at Two Upcoming TEDx Conferences This Fall

Dr. Eli Joseph

Nationwide — Dr. Eli Joseph will deliver his second TEDx talk this fall at the upcoming TEDxQueensVillage conference on September 2, 2022, in Queens, New York City. The theme for his talk is entitled “Time is Your Biggest Competition”.

Soon after, Dr. Joseph is set to deliver his third TEDx talk at the upcoming TEDxCSULB conference on November 12, 2022, in Long Beach, California. That talk will be entitled “No Trace, No Case”.

In 2015, Joseph graduated from Queens College with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. The following year, Eli graduated from Brooklyn College with a Master’s degree in Business

Dr. Joseph currently serves as a Faculty Associate in the Applied Analytics program at Columbia University and New York University. He is also the author of The Perfect Rejection Resume, and a partner and medical examiner at ExamOne, a Quest Diagnostics company. In addition to being a TED member and the member of the Grammy Recording Academy, he is also a contributor to Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Enterprisers Project, and The Harvard Business Review among many other publications.

The theme for the TEDxCSULB conference event is Navigating the Unknown. The theme for the TEDxQueensVillage conference event is LIMITLESS: The Impossible is Possible.

In 2019, Dr. Joseph made history by becoming the first-ever graduate to earn a Doctor of Business Administration from Felician University at the age of 24.

His last TEDx talk was recorded and published in 2018 entitled “Can We Determine Success Without a Scoreboard?” where he explained through charts, graphs, and a mathematical model, combined with personal stories how the success of a team in a sporting event can be determined without the explicit use of a scoreboard.

About TEDxCSULB and TEDxQueensVillage
The mission of the TEDxCSULB program is to bring together the California State University-Long Beach community to join in on a global conversation and create agents of change. The purpose of this program is to nourish the student body with “ideas worth spreading” and propagate a movement of passion for understanding the world on a deeper level while energizing the spirit of discovery, intellectual curiosity, and discussion amongst a campus whose population is geared towards the pursuit of learning and growing.

TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. The “x” indicates an independently organized TED event, and there are thousands of TEDx events throughout the world. At such events, live speakers and performers spark deep discussion and connection in the spirit of sharing “ideas worth spreading.” TEDxQueensVillage brings the essence of Queens, New York, showcasing local talent through talks and artistic performances.

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