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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Black Female Dentist Changing Lives One Smile at a Time

Dr. Emike Aliu

Dr. Emike Aliu, leading orthodontist and author of the forthcoming book, Smile With Confidence

Bowie, MD — Do you have crooked teeth, buck teeth or gaps in between your teeth? Are you afraid to smile? A recent study revealed that people who smile and have straight white teeth are perceived to be smarter, wealthier and healthier than those who don’t smile or who smile but need orthodontic care.

While people with straight white teeth and a great smile may not be smarter, the study did reveal that on average people with great smile did make more money. This could be because they were perceived by their employer to be more outgoing and friendly during the job interview process.

Leading orthodontist and author of the forthcoming book, Smile With Confidence, Dr. Emike Aliu says she sees the emotional roller coaster ride her patients go through. She comments, “I’ve seen it all! From parents coming in distraught about their child being teased or bullied relentlessly because they have buck teeth to adults crying in my office because they are ashamed and embarrassed of their smile and feel they are ugly or missing out on job or dating opportunities.”

Dr. Aliu goes on to say that as an orthodontist, she can’t help but look at people’s smiles (or lack there of) as she is out and about just running errands. “I see so many people I could help improve their smile. I think many people still have these archaic beliefs about getting braces and that may be holding them back, but the truth is, technology has advanced to the point where even the most severe condition can be corrected in a fraction of the time it used to take, just 5 years ago,” she adds.

Dr. Aliu has had extensive training in “behind the teeth braces,” invisalign (removable clear braces), and many other types of braces and techniques.

“We are making wearing braces fashionable for kids and adults,” she says.

Dr. Aliu says her biggest joy is when her patients call her ecstatic because their teeth are straightening or the gap is closing. “You can just see
the patient’s confidence go through the roof!!”

Through her book, Smile With Confidence, seminars and speaking engagements, Dr. Aliu is changing people’s lives one smile at a time. She has a booming practice in Bowie, Maryland called “Elite Orthodontics” (www.EliteOrthoGroup.com) and her patients range from children to adults to CEOs to celebrities.

She and her business partner J.R. Fenwick also have a new company being launched in 2015 called “SmileGEAR” which will offer a line of fashionable clothing and jewelry for people with braces. SmileGEAR will take away the stigma of having braces and make it cool for kids and adults. In today’s world of “in your face social media”, a great smile is a necessity.

“I have the best job in the world. I get to help people smile all day, everyday!” she says.

Dr. Aliu is available for speaking engagements, book signings and interviews by contacting her at WeHelpPeopleSmile@gmail.com