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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Online Course Aims To Create African American Millionaires

Dr. Eric Rogers

Dr. Eric Rogers, founder of The Millionaire Planner

Chicago, IL — Dr. Eric Rogers, a Harvard graduate and Chicago-based professor and investor has good news for minorities regarding financial stability and savings. His national consulting company, The Millionaire Planner, is designed to teach and inform people how to save, invest and reach financial independence and being on the road to millionaire status.

The Millionaire Planner offers a 6-week online course (How To Be A Millionaire) to tell you and teach you how to do it (save, invest, have money and build wealth to millionaire status). The course is only $199 at www.AfricanAmericanMillionaires.com or www.HowToBeAMillionaireNow.com

Rogers comments, “Are you tired of being poor? Living from check to check? Can’t make ends meet? In debt or your back is against the wall? Are you financially worried? In over your head? We can help. We got the answers.”

He adds, “We got the solutions. You can have money, wealth, financial independence and security. In the world of money, we do financial plans, workshops, seminars, wealth strategies, and give you the secrets and solutions to help you achieve financial independence, wealth, income and empowerment. It’s what you don’t know that is hindering you. It’s what you don’t do that is hurting you.”

For more information about the course, contact Dr. Rogers at (331) 643-9750 or (800) 798-0670

To enroll in the course, visit www.AfricanAmericanMillionaires.com or www.HowToBeAMillionaireNow.com