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Tuesday, August 15, 2023

HBCU Professor Releases New Book, “Gifted and Black: 365 Days of Black History”

Dr. Frederick Covington

Nationwide — Dr. Frederick Covington, a professor at Howard University, proudly presents his latest tour de force, Gifted and Black: 365 Days of Black History. Unveiling a unique and empowering concept, this meticulously crafted book challenges the conventional narratives and brings to light the extraordinary contributions of Black individuals who have shaped history. With its daily dose of inspiration, Gifted and Black redefines how the world perceives and celebrates Black history, transcending the boundaries of time and reminding us that Black history is American history.

The book takes readers on a transformative journey, breaking the shackles of traditional history books that often overlook the pivotal roles played by Black figures. Structured to be a daily read with 365 notable persons, Gifted and Black offers an innovative approach to learning. Each day features a different luminary, celebrating their achievements, struggles, and triumphs. From the unsung heroes of the past to the trailblazers of the present, the book embraces diversity and inclusivity in its selection, ensuring that every reader will find someone to admire and be inspired by. The book bridges generations, acknowledging the historical struggles while celebrating the resilience and innovation of Black individuals throughout time.

Dr. Covington comments, “As this groundbreaking book is launched, we affirm that Black history should be more than a designated month—it deserves daily recognition. Gifted and Black paves the way for a new era, urging readers to celebrate and engage with the richness of Black history every day of the year.”

Gifted and Black: 365 Days of Black History invites readers to engage thoughtfully, reflect deeply, and ultimately celebrate the invaluable contributions of Black individuals throughout history. This empowering book will be a cherished addition to personal libraries, classrooms, and community centers, providing inspiration and knowledge all year round. Dr. Covington’s masterpiece is now available for purchase at Barnes & Nobles and Walmart.

About the Author
Dr. Frederick B. Covington is an occupational therapist, award winning inventor, Howard University professor, app creator, composer, bestselling author, and entrepreneur.

For press inquiries, contact askdrcovington@gmail.com