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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Educator and Author, Dr. Karen R. January, Breaks the Cycle of Silence for Women

— New book “Lessons Mama Never Taught Me” features interviews with 10 different women on various taboo subjects that their mothers never taught them. —

Dr. Karen R. January

Chicago, ILLessons Mama Never Taught Me by Dr. Karen R. January was written as a tool to educate young girls and women about areas that greatly affect their well-being. The book is a non-fiction narrative that follows the stories of ten women from varied religious and ethnic backgrounds. Each one tells how they fell to the depths of hell because of crucial life lessons their mothers failed to teach them. They discuss what these lessons are, how they survived, and the paths they each chose toward healing.

In the book, one woman, Maria, revealed that her lesson was education. It was not a priority in her home. Her mother didn’t encourage her to attend school and the streets became her teacher. She eventually became a “high roller” selling drugs to NFL athletes. The stakes were high and she lost it all.” These women speak candidly and disclose their personal experiences with, extra-marital affairs, abortion, Internet dating, domestic, sexual, and substance abuse, and other significant topics that affect our lives.

Dr. January wanted to find out what specific lessons and relevant topics need to be taught to girls to equip them with handling the many social-ills they experience today. She had countless discussions with parents, relatives, and friends to determine what subject matters they missed growing up and how this lack of knowledge and communication impacted their lives. They concluded that self-esteem, body image, dating, sex, morals and relationships were some of the primary lessons that should be taught.

The lessons readers will take away are those of building self-confidence, self-awareness, character, in-depth knowledge on relationships, how to identify types of abuse and a better understanding of why it is important to protect your womanhood. All the points outlined within Lessons Mama Never Taught Me will nullify the many stereotypes that are portrayed in music videos, magazines and social media. The proper knowledge and preventive measures, Knowledge of finances, the importance of education, and investing in their future is the key to creating positive communities and a global society of empowered young women. It is our responsibility to teach these lessons and pass them on. The women that contributed to Lessons Mama Never Taught Me have already started.

The book is available at Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com

About Dr. Karen January:
Dr. Karen R. January is an established educator and author who has traveled domestically and internationally as a flight attendant and has worked in the educational field as a High School Counselor, Behavior Specialist and an Adjunct Professor of Psychology. Her innovative teaching style earned her the prestigious Oppenheimer Family Foundation Award. She has a B.S. in education with a minor in psychology an M.S. Ed. in Counseling and Guidance, and an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership. She is a featured writer for Dunamis Women’s magazine and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. She currently resides in Chicago with her family. For more details, visit www.drkayjay.com

Dr. January is available for interviews, media appearances, book signings, and presentations.

Dr. Karen January
(312) 725-8130