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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Black Educator of 20 Years Converts After School Program into a Non-Profit to Help Underprivileged Students

Dr. Kim Scott, founder of Teen Focus

Nationwide — Dr. Kim Scott, founder and owner of the nonprofit service organization Teen Focus, Inc., believes that teens deserve better and that they need services that will enable and empower them to see and realize their true potential. For twenty years, Dr. Scott has been helping at-risk teens, after initially establishing an after-school program for at-risk youth in Moreno, California.

She specifically designed Teen Focus to address the unique and unmet needs of disadvantaged and underserved teens who are all-too-often left to fend for themselves with little guidance, love, or encouragement.

Each year in California, over 32,000 children enter the foster care system each year. Of those children, close to 50% of California teenagers who have lived in foster homes will find themselves homeless within their first two years of exiting foster care. Those teenagers are also far less likely to complete high school than those not in the foster care system. These statistics are shocking and heartbreaking – and they need to be changed.

Simply stated, California cannot and should not continue to allow these youth to fall through the cracks and become trapped in an ongoing cycle of poverty, hopelessness, and involvement with the criminal justice system. These teens deserve better, and they need services that will enable and empower them to see and realize their true potential.

The goals and values of Teen Focus are simple and focused entirely on the growth and success of at-risk teens. Through their programs and services:

Core Programming
1 – Growth Coach Program/ One-on-One School Success Coaching
2 – High School Credit Recovery Program/ Makeup failed courses and graduate with peers
3 – KLS High School Prep Academy/ Students will be well prepared for high school & beyond
4 – Peer Leadership Training/ We train high school students to become positive mentors for their peers

Saturday Workshop Titles
* Academic Success
* Character Education
* Social and Emotional Learning
* Relationship-Building
* Community Service
* Growing Positive Attitudes and Mindsets
* Teaching Resilience and Coping Skills
* College and Career Readiness

To achieve these goals, Teen Focus seeks to work with each participant individual to help he or she succeed both inside and outside of the classroom and to meet and exceed their social, emotional, educational, and career-related goals.

For more information, visit TeenFocus.org or contact klsfive@aol.com at (951) 544-6380


Dr. Kim Scott
Teen Focus Inc.
(951) 544-6380