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Monday, November 24, 2014

African-American Psychologist Turned Entrepreneur Launches New Line of Fun Creative Soap

— Dr. Marchita Masters’ new line of soap includes hand crafted Artisan Soap, Jewelry Soap embedded with jewelry worth up to $1,000 and Soap Making Kits allowing anyone to make their own soap at home. —

Dr. Marchita Masters, co-founder of Soap Fantastic

Dr. Marchita Masters, co-founder of Soap Fantastic

San Diego, CA — For most individuals, using soap is simply just a part of their grooming regimen, but for Dr. Marchita Masters, it represents fun, creativity and togetherness. “I enjoy pampering myself, being creative, doing activities with my 6 year old son, and being environmentally responsible.” Co-creator of Soap Fantastic, Masters’ soap line allows her the opportunity to share the joys of soap making with others. “One day, I was trying to not waste small bars of soap I had, so I tried to smash them together to create a new bar. Suddenly I realized that soap is a very malleable material allowing for great artistic expression.”

As a licensed Clinical Psychologist with over 25 years of therapeutic experience with children, Masters’ role as a mother truly allowed her to delve into the joys of soap making with her son. Mr. John Evans, also a co-creator of the company shares his motivation behind the creations stating, “I was highly motivated to offer these types of soaps as I felt that each would offer a particular value set.  The soap kits could be very instrumental in having families spend quality time together.  Families could interact, develop and possibly improve their relationships with each other while having fun!” Masters believes the beauty in it all is that “even if individuals have never made soap before in their entire lives, they can make their own soap at home and experience the joy I did when I found soap as a creative outlet,” she says. “The soap business is really an expression of one’s own creativity,” shares Masters. “Some artists use paint, others sculpt, still others use musical instruments; I use soap; it’s my canvas. I like to say, ‘If you can dream it, we can probably make it with soap,'” she says.

Soap Fantastic offers an amazing variety of soap for all types of occasions. The soap kits are made with no lye and are very safe for children. Not only does Soap Fantastic offer kits for at home fun with family and friends, but the company offers an amazing line of Artisan Soap, Jewelry Soap and Customized Hand-sculpted Soap Stamps. “The Artisan Soaps can be celebrated as works of art and enjoyed for their own sake,” says Evans, who has always admired the Japanese tradition of bringing a small gift when you are invited to someone’s home as a guest. “Artisan Soaps make very fine gifts and can also be used to celebrate special holidays and events.”

This holiday season, Soap Fantastic will be unveiling their beautifully hand crafted, culturally sensitive holiday line which includes soaps for Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah. “I was really impressed seeing a picture of the earth, shot from outer space. It shows we are all one people living in a fragile existence. The earth is made up of many cultures, religions and ethnicities and I’m inclined to find ways to celebrate them all.” While these are the only initial offerings of culturally centered soaps, Masters is adamant that there are many more to come.

Wanting to share his adventurous side with his soap connoisseurs, Evans was inclined to offer a soap that presented a surprise inside; jewelry. “Like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.  With our jewelry embedded soaps you will always get something nice to keep or to share.” Evans believes there is always a chance that you can hit the jackpot, affording you an opportunity to get a very valuable high end piece of jewelry worth up to $1,000 inside your soap. “At any rate you can still clean up,” he jests.

Soap fragrances include: Spiced Chestnut, Cinnamon Candies, Ocean Rain, Orange Cranberry, Lilac in Bloom, Santa’s Tree Farm, Hot Apple Pie with Cinnamon, Mahogany Teakwood with Patchouli, South Pacific Waters, Jasmine, Lavender and Lemon, with many more to come.

For the holidays, Soap Fantastic is offering various contests, providing consumers with an opportunity to win some great prizes. Soap Fantastic will give away Happy Holidays Soap Making Kits, Jewelry Soap, Holiday Artisan Soap (Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanzaa Artisan Soap) and Hand-sculpted Soap Stamps.  Check www.SoapFantastic.com often for upcoming details!

About Soap Fantastic, Inc.:
Soap Fantastic is an innovative soap manufacturer, providing custom soap to national and international customers, offering Artisan Soap, Soap Making Kits and Jewelry Soap, embedded with fantastic jewelry. For more information about Soap Fantastic, visit www.SoapFantastic.com.


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