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Monday, October 28, 2019

How a Stage 3 Breast Cancer Diagnosis Inspired This Author and Speaker to Launch the Fearless Women Rock Movement

Dr. Missy Johnson

Dr. Missy Johnson

Detroit, MI — After three near-death experiences and a three percent chance of living, Dr. Missy Johnson faced another fight. She was diagnosed with Stage 3C Breast Cancer going into stage four while on her lunch break. After losing several members of breast cancer, Dr. Missy decided that she needed to become a fearless warrior for women.

Dr. Missy is a fearless, courageous, and resilient woman that believes in the power of prayer. She is an ordained evangelist, neuroscience leadership coach, speaker, and international best-selling author.

On Friday, October 18, 2019, Courageous Women Magazine released an article about Dr. Missy Johnson’s feature on the cover and her amazing story inside the magazine.

Growing up in the church, Dr. Missy was told to not tell anyone about her diagnosed. In the article, Dr. Missy reflects on the struggle, silence, and shame she faced because she talked about being diagnosed with breast cancer without anyone’s approval. The one thing she knew for sure is the song “Yes Jesus Love Me,” but she did not know how to love herself or heal her hurt.
She decided that with prayer, persistence, and power that she will become the one voice to show women how to live life on their own terms with cancer.

Dr. Missy shares how she wanted to die, but it was the one voice that changed everything. She discusses the steps on how you can live again, fight, and win the breast cancer battle.

Dr. Missy’s famous quote is, “Silence is often a sign that you are significant, but because the world is moving so fast, we often miss our call.” Dr. Missy knew she had a call on her life, but she had to fight. She decided to be fearless, courageous, resilient, and live out loud.

Dr. Missy is breast cancer-free and helps other women to share their stories by writing books and so much more. Dr. Missy is building an empire of Fearless Women Rock by resetting the mindset and skillset to help women brands, build, businesses.

Dr. Missy Johnson is the recipient of the President Barack Obama Lifetime Achievement Award and the Michigan Chronicle Women of Excellence Award.

Please follow her on the social media platforms @AskDrMissy on IG and FB. The email and the store is fearlesswomenrockllc@gmail.com www.fwrstore.com.


About the Author
Dr. Missy Johnson is an award-winning, international, number one Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Break Free Coach with mastery in personal and leadership development. Dr. Missy is the founder of CTC Personal Development Institute, an organization that supports women as they transition from corporate America into entrepreneurship. Her coaching includes a blueprint that accelerates growth, neuroscience leadership coaching, and entrepreneurship training. Dr. Missy has been on the cover of Speakers Magazine and featured on NBC, ABC, Huffington Post, and Marie Claire plus many radio interviews. She is a John Maxwell certified coach and ordained minister.

For more information and resources, visit www.fwrstore.com

To request her for interviews or speaking engagements, email fearlesswomenrockllc@gmail.com or call (313) 598-6621 during business hours.


Dr. Missy Johnson