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Friday, April 23, 2021

Black Female Physician Executive Makes History, Launches Healthcare Advisory & Management Firm

Dr. Nkem Okeke

Silver Spring, MD — Meet Dr. Nkem Okeke, the CEO and founder of Medicalincs, the newest Black-owned healthcare advisory and management servicing firm that advises and supports healthcare leaders and organizations on strategic solutions to enhance implementation framework strategy, improve operational efficiencies and outcomes, and increase revenue volume/revenue streams.

Her skill set is rooted in a multidisciplinary approach that includes a decades-acquired expertise in clinical work, public health, business administration, and program management.

Dr. Okeke has collectively spent over twenty years as a healthcare executive, advisor, physician, change management facilitator, an accomplished speaker & entrepreneur. During this time, she has delivered multi-million cost savings and improved population health outcomes.

She has held several leadership positions notably at Kaiser Permanente, Booz Allen Hamilton, & Johns Hopkins. She currently also serves as a senior advisor to the CEO at Priority Partners (Johns Hopkins Healthcare) onboard priorities; a board member of Lasell Village; and a Maryland Health Care Commission Advisory Council member on Primary Care Transformation (appointed by the Maryland Secretary of Health).

Learn more about her company at Medicalincs.com

Dr. Okeke is passionate and dedicated to her craft. Carrying a philosophy of Kaizen, or “continuous improvement,” she has channeled her considerable skillset into cultivating a second-to-none team that provides exceptional healthcare management and administrative consulting services for varying corporate, private, and governmental entities in the regional and national healthcare spectrum.

During the last decades, she garnered a variety of masters-level degrees from U.S. preeminent universities. During those times, she was featured as a public speaker for her expertise in a variety of subject matters relating to public health, business, and project management. She has also consulted with many healthcare leaders across America.

With extensive training and residency as a clinician, Dr. Okeke amassed a substantial amount of practical, on-the-ground knowledge for her professional, before she dedicated her career to alleviating the same common administrative confluences she experienced first-hand.

She is available to share her talents and knowledge with C-level healthcare leaders in a one-on-one capacity.

To request Dr. Okeke’s consulting services or hire her team of professionals for healthcare advisory and management services, please email her via nokeke@medicalincs.com or info@medicalincs.com