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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Greenlight’s Dr. Terrence Cash Awarded PNC 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year

Dr. Terrence Cash

Dr. Terrence Cash

Orlando, FL — The nation’s #1 Business, Money & Wealth Coach, Dr. Terrence Cash, received the 2018 Entrepreneur of The Year Award at this year’s Power Networking Conference (PNC) July 2018, in National Harbor, MD for outstanding leadership & success in business. Forbes Magazine selected the PNC conference as among the top 5 conferences to attend in America.

“Dr. Cash’s dedication to empowering our people is unquestionably the most important mission related to establishing economic prowess and personal fulfillment in the Black community,” said Dr. George Fraser (chairman of FraserNet and lead visionary of PNC). Dr. Cash lead the conference with a visionary 4-part wealth mini-series that outlined hidden and secret truths that are typically exclusive to the affluent, rich and wealthy. In addition, Dr. Cash’s company Greenlight was the first African American platinum sponsor in PNC’s history.

Dr. Cash, chairman, founder and CEO of Greenlight and its related companies. As a recent Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award and Presidential Service Award recipient from President Barack Obama, accredited private investor and best-selling author and public speaker, Dr. Cash has 30+ years of business experience and success in business. Greenlight is a pioneer and the leading provider of non-conventional business, money & wealth solutions to entrepreneurs, working professionals and other enlightened individuals who desire the firm’s guidance in realizing their full financial potential.

For more information, visit www.greenlightsvcs.com or contact press@greenlightsvcs.com


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