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Thursday, September 13, 2018

New Book “The Diary of an Emotionally Constipated Man” Provides Solution for Men

Diary of Emotionally Constipated Man by Dr. William Flip Clay

Dr. William “Flip” Clay and his bookcover

Largo, MD — Over 35 million children and 70 million adults suffer from trauma. Research shows that of the 45.7 million black people living in the United States, 16 percent had a diagnosable mental illness in the past year ― that’s over 6.8 million people walking around with diagnosable, yet likely untreated mental illnesses.

Dr. William “Flip” Clay, internationally renowned, award-winning counselor, has a solution to today’s societal mental health crisis — especially men. His new cutting-edge book, The Diary of an Emotionally Constipated Man, takes readers on a personal journey and recaps stories of resilience to break down what he calls “emotional constipation.”

The Diary of an Emotionally Constipated Man delves into topics including “Emotional Incarceration,” “Man Down: Father Gone,” “Love, Lies and Emotions,” and “Intergenerational Emotional Incarceration” among others. This text will transform men from the inside out. When men are healed, they can transform their families, communities, and generations to come.

Dr. William “Flip” Clay served as a contributor to the 2013 College Board School Counseling Journal Series Transforming the Educational Experience of Young Men of Color, and he appeared on the Steve Harvey Morning Show with W.H.U.R at Howard University, 96.3. In 2012, The National Association of Black School Educators awarded Dr. Clay with the National Marcus Forster Distinguished Educator of the Year Award, and in 2010, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice of the United States, recognized Dr. Clay as an “extraordinary role model and leader.” Dr. Clay continues to empower thousands of educators, families, communities, churches, youth, and children.

To contact Dr. Clay for interviews, speaking engagements, workshops, or conferences, visit www.boysoffthehook.com or call 1-877-787-6570.


Dr. William “Flip” Clay