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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Afraid of Getting Sick While Traveling? Black Physician’s New Book Offers The Solution

Dr. Yvette McQueen, author of 'Travel 911' book

Atlanta, GA — COVID is not the only disease we have to worry about when we travel. While COVID has changed how we travel and shed light on how easily disease can spread throughout the population, there are a number of medical concerns that travelers should be aware of while jet-setting to their favorite destinations. In this newest release by global traveling physician Dr. Yvette McQueen, Travel 911: A Health Guide for Adventurers, she offers the solution to safe travel for those that are ready to dust off their suitcases safely.

“You have planned and paid for your [travel] experience, but the one thing you probably didn’t plan for is sickness and emergencies,” states Dr. McQueen. In this book, she provides guidance for handling common medical concerns while traveling. From what to pack to traveler’s diarrhea to skin issues, you will be introduced to and advised on a wide range of possible, unfortunate occurrences that could affect not only how pleasant your trip is but also how well you recover from unexpected medical events.

Dr. McQueen is an Emergency Medicine physician, working across the US and the Caribbean. She has traveled to 40+ international countries for exploring; organizes medical missions to Africa; hospital training/teaching in Rwanda and Tanzania; and participates in international church missions.

It is her mission to educate the masses about health, travel wellness, and disease prevention and she hopes this book will do just that. This book is your answer to common medical problems that may occur and also provides preventative measures and quick first aid tips that will hopefully help you avoid unforeseen health hazards. A Doctor in your pocket.

Travel 911: A Health Guide for Adventurers can be purchased at Travel911Book.com

For review copies, please email dryvette@yvettemcqueenmd.com