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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Black Business Owners in Chicago Partner to Help Prevent Local Carjackings

Early Walker, the founder of a local towing service, is partnering with several Black and minority-owned security agencies to help stop carjackings.

Early Walker, founder W&W Towing

Nationwide — Early Walker, founder and owner of W&W Towing, has partnered with Stephanie Coleman, Alderman of Chicago’s 16th ward, and several Black and minority-owned security agencies to announce a “Special Patrol” of gas stations within Englewood and beyond. This comes in response to a recent drastic increase in carjackings throughout Chicago and southern Cook County.

“It has become apparent that the recent increase in carjackings has triggered the mindsets of law-abiding citizens to proceed with caution while driving,” says Walker.

He adds, “As a towing owner, I see first hand of the volumes of residents who have been victimized. We often recover their vehicles and hear their accounts of the terrifying instances of how they were victimized. Hopefully, our efforts will help curb this violent plague.”

The security firms that have been personally selected by Walker have formulated a strategic plan that will allow their officers to provide two hours of monitoring of gas stations. It has been widely known that a significant number of carjackings occur at gas stations. Women have been most targeted.

“I’m grateful to Mr. Walker and the security firms for once again assisting me in keeping Englewood safe. Aggravated carjackings are punishable by up to six to 30 years in prison in the state of Illinois, but there is currently a high bar for prosecutors to prove it which makes today’s action by Mr. Walker that much more imperative,” says Alderman Coleman.

The Citgo Gas Station located at 59th Street and Ashland Avenue was the unfortunate scene of the carjacking of a woman on Christmas morning 2020. The victim of that incident was also present at the press conference to publicly express her thoughts concerning this violent pandemic.

Mr. Walker, Alderman Coleman, and security firm owners publicly detailed their strategic plans. For now, designated gas stations are being monitored by the security firms between 5pm and 7pm daily. The group is publicly encouraging women to pump their gas at these specific gas stations during the monitored time.

There is also a strong presence of security cars and employees available to the media.