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Monday, February 17, 2020

Distraught Mom Suing Funeral Home For Not Preserving Her 11-Year Old Daughter’s Body

Re'Asia Washington, 11-year old who died from asthma attack

Miami, FL — Ebony Morgan, a mother from Florida who is still mourning the sudden death of her 11-year old daughter, says she was shocked when she saw that her daughter’s body appeared to have been botched. She claims that the funeral home mishandled the burial.

“She looked like acid had been thrown in her face or she’d been pushed into a fire,” Morgan told CBS News. “Her face was unrecognizable. I didn’t think that was my daughter.”

Her daughter, Re’Asia Washington, died from an asthma attack during a vacation in Georgia. To bring her body to Florida, the parents used the services of Shawn Johnson Funeral & Cremation Services. They also paid them to preserve the body and arrange a proper service.

However, the family claims the body was never embalmed or even refrigerated.

“Their explanation was they were trying to save the family money,” said the family’s attorney, Pierre Ifill.

The family reported the incident to the local police and filed a complaint with the state.

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