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Monday, May 11, 2020

Edwin Freeman’s Film ‘Modern Day Slavery’ Shows How the U.S. Justice System Perpetuates Slavery

Actor Edwin Freeman makes his directorial debut with the impactful documentary “Modern Day Slavery”

Modern Day Slavery Film by Edwin Freeman

Nationwide — Actor Edwin Freeman, best known for his roles in the 2009 Fox Searchlight biopic Notorious, and the 2016 Marvel/Netflix series Luke Cage makes his directorial debut with the impactful documentary Modern Day Slavery, which continues the conversation on criminal justice reform that was initiated in the acclaimed documentaries 13th and Free Meek, and shows how the U.S. Justice System violates the rights of millions of African-Americans and Latino citizens, by perpetuating slavery which was said to have been abolished in 1863.

In his film, Freeman explores how the modern-day prison labor industry makes millions of dollars annually off the punishment of the disproportionate amount of African-Americans and Latinos who get arrested at much higher rates than their white counterparts. In most cases these defendants get pressured into accepting unfair plea deals by prosecutors due to their financial inability to pay bail, hire adequate legal representation and go to trial.

Modern Day Slavery features commentary from a range of cast members including, Criminal Defense Attorney Ikiesha Al-Shabazz, Actor, Poet & Political Activist Caridad “La Bruja” De La Luz, retired New York State Parole Officer Ronald Stewart, Radio Personality Benn “Bowtie Benn” Pryor, and Social Justice Advocates Keston Jones, Kamell Ellis, and Kevin “Renny” Smith.

Among the subtopics discussed are: The 13th Amendment, Black Codes, Jim Crow Laws, Stop & Frisk, School-to-Prison Pipeline, convict leasing, cash bail, 1994 Crime Bill, gentrification, wrongful convictions, criminalizing poverty, War on Drugs, and more. Available now on Amazon Prime Video and Tubi.

For more details about the film, visit ModernDaySlaveryMovie.com


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