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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

African American Holistic Physician and Author Launches New Platform to Combat Racism

Dr. Elaine Ferguson, founder of One Health

Nationwide — Elaine R. Ferguson, MD, a noted pioneering holistic physician, author, and the founder of One Health, LLC, has launched Rise & Thrive™: Healing Hate’s Invisible Harm, a groundbreaking holistic healing initiative designed to provide a vast array of programs, services, and other learning resources to inform, inspire and help urban communities heal deep wounds caused by racism.

According to U.S. government statistics, each and every day over 200 African Americans die prematurely due to their exposure to racism. While institutionalized and systemic racism remains a well-defined risk factor, the corrosive impact of daily exposure to prejudice and hate remains an overlooked factor. It is the most toxic aspect of racism’s destructive health harm. In 2020, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) finally declared racism, a public health crisis.

Over the years, numerous studies have clearly identified the harm of internalized oppression, from hypertension, diabetes, anxiety, depression, and other chronic diseases, they fail to provide viable solutions. And its impact is even greater as African Americans climb professional and corporate ladders. The higher we go, the more discrimination we face and the sicker we become!

Racism’s Corrosive and Hidden Health Impact

Far too many African Americans have been led to believe suffering in silence and patiently awaiting racism’s demise is their only option. Most are not aware of effective and meaningful solutions that will protect, heal, and shield us from the insidious and continuous harm.

“This invisible carnage must end! African Americans and our brothers and sisters across the diaspora, need to be informed of this pervasive risk and equipped with effective and proven resources to disrupt this life-endangering harm,” says Dr. Ferguson. “While the CDC has finally acknowledged that internalized racism’s health-endangering and life-shortening harm of our brutal and harsh reality, it is imperative to understand that we can’t afford to wait for racism to end to get the relief we need.”

A Life-Changing Healing Opportunity

There are empowering and impactful ways to stop the internalized harm, protect, heal, and shield ourselves. Our people also must become aware of their remarkable innate healing capacity and how to more fully engage it to heal these wounds.”

Dr. Ferguson goes on to share, “The foundation of our engagement healing effort is Rise & Thrive™: Healing Racism’s Invisible Harm’s online platform. It is the result of our passionate desire to help our people overcome this harm in meaningful and lasting ways.”

She continues, “Our clients have experienced the life-changing awareness and healing experience, that confirms their internal power to overcome anything, including the seemingly impossible task of healing racism’s harm. Amid a loving and supportive environment, and well-defined resources, they transform their mindset from a victim perspective to a well-informed and empowered one that literally sets them free of the debilitating victimization their experiences have created.”

“It is the bright light at the end of a very long and painful tunnel that will help you not only heal but also protect and shield yourself from future harm.”


“You are truly sent from heaven. I have been haunted by the silence from our community on the subject of racism in the form of a real action plan for healing. Someone finally, you have opened a sacred portal for healing over 400 years of pain and shame of carrying the invisible wounds of hatred. Also, thank you for deliberately changing the language of racism.” — Iya H.

“Dr. Elaine, you’ve created an awesome healing space. One we didn’t realize we all needed. We carry the burden of racism in isolation and in silence. We didn’t know what we were looking for until you shared this powerful opportunity with us. I can’t thank you enough for bringing this powerful healing space to life.” — James C.


One Health LLC is a holistic health and wellness company founded by Dr. Elaine Ferguson, a pioneer in the field of holistic medicine, best-selling author, and PBS host.

She is a graduate of Brown University, Duke University School of Medicine, and she completed her post-graduate training at the University of Chicago. After practicing holistic medicine for several decades, a toxic and chronic experience of racism led to a profound spiritual realization that transformed her emotional and physical health and placed her on the path of helping African people around the globe heal racism’s harmful health and life-endangering impact.

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