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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Elderly Black Couple Accuse Local Seattle BMW Dealership of Fraud and Identity Theft

Donald and Gloria White

Donald and Gloria White of Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA — Donald and Gloria White, two elderly and disabled African-Americans, say they have been the victims of fraud and identity theft for 8 long years by a local BMW dealership in Seattle, Washington. They allege that a 2005 BMW-X5 SUV (valued at $60,000) was purchased in their name by Mr. Stephen Wong, Paul Tan and Phong Pham of E-Stone, LLC, who they say conspired with several employees of Seattle BMW and BMW Financial Services.

Mr. and Mrs. White say they were not aware of this purchase until almost 2 years later when they were trying to re-finance their home, so Mr. White could cover his medical expenses for his prostate cancer treatments.

A credit application was reportedly prepared in Mr. White’s name and faxed to BMW five days in advance and approved without his or his wife’s knowledge or permission. BMW Financial Services withdrew monthly payments that were being automatically withdrawn from a Bank of America checking account which was in his name, but was neither Mr. White’s checking account nor his money. They allege that several employees from Farmers Insurance, GEICO Indemnity, Bank of America and Department of Licensing were also in on the fraud.

The insurance companies insured the BMW-X5, to non-registered owner Mr. Stephen Wong who stated; he was the sole owner of the vehicle. BMW Financial Services then filed a judgment against the Whites, and Investment Retriever; a collection company withdrew monies from the Whites personal checking account to cover a lien that was placed on their business for an outstanding balance of $15,000, which now is in the amount of more than $35,000.
Mr. White says, that during a private summary judgment hearing, he and his daughter were held at gun point and that his life has since been threatened repeatedly.

The Whites say they have been fighting for eight long years to clear their name, which Mr. White has established in his community as a general contractor and respectable businessman.

Mr. White comments, “I should be focusing on my medical condition, but instead I am being forced to represent myself in this case, filing countless documents into the courts and submitting complaints that have been repeatedly and still being overlooked.”

He says he is seeking representation or assistance. He has contacted several attorneys and different organizations that are designed to assist individuals in these types of situations and has had no success.

The couple can be reached at (206) 412-0890 or chester67894@gmail.com


Ms. CaTina D. White, daughter, (832) 545-5994
Mr. White, (206) 412-0890