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Monday, March 5, 2018

Black Millionaire Real Estate Mogul’s New Book Gets Highly Favorable Review By Major Book Industry Publication

Ella's Golden Egg by Ella Coney

Author Ella Coney and her bookcover

Nationwide — Ella M. Coney, the real estate mogul and best-selling author of Ella’s Golden Eggs: How to Conquer Real Estate and Never Be Broke Again, is receiving rave reviews about her book, and has just been highlighted in The US Review of Books – one of the most prestigious publications for authors and publishers.

Here’s the review that the reviewer, Barbara Bamberger Scott, gave her book:

Retired real estate investor Ella M. Coney shares her experiences, her lessons, and her expertise in this slim but valuable book. Her life has been a remarkable one, a true rags-to-riches saga. Born to a working-class family, she became pregnant at age 17 and again before she was 20. Her hard-working mother was unable to let her stay at home once she had two small children, so she got a job and found a place to rent. But she didn’t really know how to keep a job or pay rent regularly and failed even when assigned a low-rent apartment in the projects. Yet somehow she maintained a faith in God and a basic will to better herself.

She joined the Air Force, becoming “one of the first Black female aircraft radar technicians in the military.” She stayed in the Air Force seven years, even though caring for her children amid the rigors of military life was almost overwhelming. As a veteran, she was entitled to benefits that boosted her plans for financial security considerably. She was able to purchase her first home, go to college, and develop a realistic savings plan. Later, in a booming real estate market, she sold that first house at a profit and made a down payment on a large, very rundown house in a high price area. She found that the house, desperately in need of repair and reeking of odors so foul it made her vomit, somehow charmed her. With determination, she made it over, creating a “forever home” for herself and her children. From that experience, she was emboldened to delve into the realm of real estate as her profession. Her book contains guidance on the inner workings of buying, renting, managing and selling real property. Her two sons also took up the profession, each in his own way, and in partnership with the author.

Coney has written previously (“When You Fall Down – Get Up!”) about how to succeed in overcoming the problems that life can present. She devotes some of this current work to eloquently thanking God for the many times that she was able to avoid negative situations and help others along the way as she attained her goals. She writes in a straightforward manner about her accomplishments, expressing her justifiable pride and enthusiasm without glossing over her mistakes. Through her knowledge of real estate – how to predict trends, buy houses, improve them, manage their rental, and figure out when to sell them – she achieved her wish to become a millionaire.

The author states that she lives rather simply despite her wealth and has tried not to waste money over the years. On meeting her, she says, one might not even suspect she is a wealthy woman. But recently she has had to acknowledge that she’s not as young as she once was, has hired a manager for some of her properties, and sold others. She is even prone to take vacations in sunny climes, something she avoided in years past as being too frivolous. Coney’s encouraging message to herself and others has not changed since she began her upward journey to self-sufficiency. She believes that with a strong will, forethought, faith, and continuous study, anyone can do what she has done.

Ella’s book, Ella’s Golden Eggs: How to Conquer Real Estate and Never Be Broke Again, is available at all major book retailers online including Amazon.com


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