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Friday, March 17, 2017

Welfare Mom Is Bringing Generational Wealth To Black Entrepreneurs

Millionaire Mastermind Weekend

New York, NY — Ella Rucker knows what it is like to look out on a future without any wealth. “A ten percent raise on zero dollars over fifty years equals zero dollars for retirement.” When Rucker figured out this fact she took her lay off during the 2008 recession in stride.

That is until she couldn’t find another job. Soon after her termination, Rucker had a baby on the way which ate into her savings. First there was welfare and then her eviction.

After a long and exhaustive job search, the welfare mom created her own job.

She became a blogger.

Seeing how the business of blogging worked taught Rucker that she had the power to create a business. With her mentor, Paul C. Brunson, host of Our World With Black Enterprise, that’s what Rucker did.

Rucker and Brunson have teamed up to create several masterminds. During #MentorMonday and Weekend Startup School the two laser-focus on businesses. The entrepreneurs in the room get answers to their questions. By the end of the event, entrepreneurs have actionable plans, form real networks and the wealth building begins.

“Mentor Monday and Weekend Startup School were my leap into the unknown. Figuring out how to bring (my ideas) to market to help single moms thrive. I did it!” -Kaywanda Lamb, Winning Single Mom, and attendee at all three of the pair’s events.

Now Rucker is creating even MORE wealth in New York City’s entrepreneur community.

Announcing Ella Rucker’s Millionaire Mastermind Weekend Exclusively for Serious Entrepreneurs. This is a two-day vision board party for small businesses. Entrepreneurs will gather for mentoring by millionaires. These millionaire mentors will tell their stories and coach the entrepreneurs to millionaire mindsets.

Joining Rucker at the event will be Kim Coles of Living Single. Coles has rebuilt her empire in part with her Facebook Kimunity. She is learning what it takes to be an entrepreneur and guiding her followers to find and monetize their gifts.

Also in the house will be Reggie McKiver. McKiver is Coles’ new hubby and professional holistic guidance coach. His approach to millionaire mindset is impressive. He will focus on removing the self-doubt many entrepreneurs face when creating wealth.

Multi Emmy-Award winning producer Tracey La’Stell Slates will be at the mastermind. Slates has headed the production staff for the Steve Harvey Show. In her capacity to

Frugal Feminista, Kara Stevens, got herself out of $40K worth of debt. Stevens helps her online community “hold tight” to their money and teaches them to build better relationships around money.

Rucker’s Millionaire Mastermind Weekend will also feature a screening of Generation One: The Search For Black Wealth. The film, created by husband and wife team Lamar and Ronnie Tyler, takes a look at the reasons the Black community is struggling with wealth. And then Generation One provides a blueprint for building a legacy.

Small business experts will provide workshops for better business models, saving, and wealth building during the event.

“Black entrepreneurs are missing out on becoming millionaires. They don’t have the mental and financial tools for goal setting, tax breaks, marketing plans, and strong mentors,” informs Rucker. “That’s why this is important to me and why I had to bring something so important to our community.”

Rucker’s mastermind mentees have pursued MBAs in entrepreneurship. Others authored books, wrote for publications, and created their own events.

In America, 85% of millionaires are self made, yet only 5% of Americans are millionaires. That is a disconnect Rucker is glad to close. “There is a wealth ripple we created. I’m extremely proud of that,” says Rucker.

Ella Rucker’s Millionaire Mastermind Weekend Exclusively for Serious Entrepreneurs will be in New York City on March 25th and 26th. Visit www.millionairewknd.com to attend the event or www.facebook.com/groups/millionairewknd for information about Millionaire Mindset or email ella@ellarucker.com for more information.


Ella Rucker’s Millionaire Mastermind Weekend