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Friday, March 13, 2020

Black Inventor Creates 3 New STEM Certified Board Games That Teach Entrepreneurship

Elliott Eddie, inventor of the STEM certified board game

Nationwide — Meet Elliott Eddie, an entrepreneur who has created four different STEM certified board games that teach entrepreneurship to both children and adults. His newest board games include a Spanish version of his already existing Entrepreneur Game, Vetrepreneur for veterans who want to consider entrepreneurship, and Rise of the Returning Citizen for formerly incarcerated individuals who want to start a business.

Eddie became popular back in 2019 when he released his first board game called The Entrepreneur Game, which has already sold more than 1,500 units in 9 different countries including New Zealand, England, Colombia, Ghana, and more.

His board games quickly capture the hearts of people around the world, and inspire players to put the skills they learn into real-life practice.

Regarding his board game for newly released incarcerated individuals, Eddie comments, “A felony can stop you from getting a job, but it cannot stop you from becoming a CEO. My goal is to take this game to communities and groups of people who will benefit from it the most, and that would be individuals that are often forgotten; The ones who sometimes fall through the cracks.”

Here’s a quick break down of the newest versions of his board game:

1. El Juego de Los Emprendedores: A version of the Entrepreneur Game in Spanish.

2. Vetrepreneur: A version of the Entrepreneur Game specifically tailored to veterans returning to civilian life who want to consider entrepreneurship as an option.

3. Rise of the Returning Citizen: A version created for individuals incarcerated and recently released that need entrepreneurship as a vehicle to earn a living wage and reduce the chances of being re-incarcerated.

For more details and/or to purchase the board games, visit www.EntrepreneurBoardGame.com


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