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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ending the Cycle of Bad Parenting: Dedicated Father Writes Goal-Oriented Parenting Manual “Raising Supaman”

Raising Supaman


Nationwide — Nathaniel A. Turner J.D. describes his relationship with his father as “toxic.” When Turner’s son was born, he pledged that he would not repeat the mistakes of his father. Turner knew that pledge would require plan and a lot of sacrifice.

“I wanted to make sure that my son had a record of how much I loved him and how much he meant to me should I not live long enough to see him reach his full potential as a man,” says Turner. “I also wanted to leave my son with a written record of the lessons that I tried to teach him that he could take with him wherever he went.”

Although he never intended those deeply personal letters to be published, Turner was inspired to publish his letters after being introduced to the letters Lord Chesterfield wrote to his son. Tired of hearing about so many men failing at the role of father (especially in the African American community), Turner wanted to raise awareness and inspire a movement that would raise the expectations for parents. Turner believes the letters to his son and his experiences may help other parents.

Turner’s movement began when he published his letters in his new book, Raising Supaman.

“My book prompts parents to put in written words the hopes, dreams and the deep affection that they have for their children. I believe there are few gifts parents could give a child which are more valuable than the gift of a love letter,” adds Turner.

In an eye-opening and insightful interview, Turner can discuss:

* Why there is great value in writing letters to your children and tips for any parent who wants to start
* How parenting style evolves as children grow
* Why Successful parenting has less to do with race, class, gender or socio-economic issues and more to do with preparation, sacrifice and intention.
* How children respond to the letters
* What parents can learn about themselves when writing letters

Nathaniel A. Turner, J.D. is an eclectic individual who holds degrees in Accounting, Theology, History and Law. He currently works in the financial services industry, but his most important job has always been fatherhood. His son, Naeem Khari Turner-Bandele, recently graduated high school and is in the process of selecting a university to attend.

Naeem intends to major in Computer Science/Computer Engineering with an emphasis in neuroscience and developing accessible, affordable, adaptable, and appropriate technologies, products and solutions to address the needs of the globally underserved and underrepresented.

Naeem speaks three languages fluently and three others marginally; never missed the A honor roll; member of the National Honor Society; established is own foundation to address social injustices like homelessness and childhood literacy; began high school as a seventh grader; has traveled the world independently playing soccer in professional soccer academies; author of an upcoming book entitled What Are We Gonna Do Today?; freelances as a web designer/developer and is an avid photographer.

Nathaniel and Naeem live in Indianapolis, IN.

For more information, visit www.raisingsupaman.com.

Raising Supaman is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, CreateSpace and Kindle Store


Nathaniel A. Turner
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