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Monday, June 20, 2022

Entire Graduating Class at All-Boys High School in New Orleans Accepted into College

Graduating class of St Augustine High School

Nationwide — The entire graduating class at St. Augustine High School in New Orleans, Louisiana, is celebrating the fact that all of them have been accepted to college. What’s more, they earned a combined $9.2 million in scholarship awards.

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St. Augustine High School is a private, all-male college preparatory school that has been one of the leading educational institutes for Black men in New Orleans since it was founded in 1951.

Most recently, the school’s graduating class caught national attention after a video of them celebrating during their graduation went viral. One of the mothers of a graduate shared a video of them dancing along with a second-line band.

“It’s late but I don’t care. The world deserves to see this black boy joy. Congratulations to THE St. Augustine High School class of 2022. 100% college acceptance. $9.2M in scholarships. Straight out of the 7th ward of New Orleans. Let that make headlines! Dance!” she wrote on her Twitter account.

The video has so far garnered nearly 500,000 views, with many people commenting, congratulating the boys, and expressing their joy.

“This is what our world desperately needs: Joy, just full-blown happiness and celebration. Congratulations to all these young men and their families,” one said.

“I luv it!!! Go Purple! Congratulations to you young men. I know that St Aug has prepared you for what’s to come. Time to show the world your greatness!! Lesssgo!” another one wrote.

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